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Full Sail University PowerPoint Presentation
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Full Sail University

Full Sail University

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Full Sail University

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  1. Why you should cosign my loan! Full Sail University

  2. What Does Full Sail Offer? • State of the art equipment • Brand new MacBook Pro • They have almost tripled their campus size in the last four years • Teachers that are alumni of Full Sail and as well as Media giants that have done well and have come here to teach. • So you have teachers who can help you go above and beyond and have that one on one relation • Rather than having classes that have 100+ students • It teaches you how to be a dependent student and person.

  3. Full Sail vs. Other Schools • You will have your 4 year degree in 21 months. This saves everyone over 2 years of scholastic living and costs • Your degree is locked into current tuition, so it does not go up each semester like state colleges • The tuition includes your books, material, lab fees, career development for life and continuing education for life • Your degree has a high placement percentage

  4. Cont… • One of the many reasons why I chose Full Sail • The last two months are strictly focused on building your resume & portfolio • They have an interactive site for Full Sail students/alumni where students can go looking for work or be requested to work somewhere doing something

  5. Setting up my career path • You have several classes that help you build your portfolio and start you on your way to jump right into your career • Some examples • Client Relations • Portfolio Creation • Product Management • Hqubed • • I will be in constant contact with Michael, and will be provided with work on a regular basis. • As of right now he actually has just given me several jobs.

  6. Your Role • Some of your duties include… • NOTHING • All you have to do is be my cosigner

  7. Now I know what your thinking • Your thinking what if he can’t make payments on his loan after he gets out of school. • Would I have to make payment? • Technically, yes you would have to, but that’s not going to happen

  8. How will he be making payments? • While in school • Work Study and Tutoring • I will be involved in both of these • Now work study each term I can make up to $3000 • Tutoring varies • Freelancing • It’s a major market right now especially when you’re a student a Full Sail • Our going rate for a basic website is an easy $200

  9. Cont… • While out of school • Freelancing/Hqubed • This I will take on full time and be working side by side with Michael • A basic Job • I will take up some type of job where my skills are needed • Again I will have six months after I graduate to start making payments.

  10. Fin • I love you grandpa and would appreciate this immensely. I would be forever in your debt. • I understand if things haven’t been well between the family, but I’m trying to slowly work things out I just needed space. I love my dad I really do, but I did what I did for a reason. • I also know that you feel weary about doing this, but for once in the past two years I will finally be moving towards a goal rather than living by the seat of my pants. • One of the things I really like about Full Sail is that it teaches you to be self sufficient, which I need to learn. • Finally if this is not something you want to do I would respect that and find another way cause I want to show you how driven I am to be a better person and to start progressing my future down the path that should be taken. • Again I love you and everything that you have already done for me. • Love, • Jayce Lawton