cfc ancop malugay village completion report batch 1 10 beneficiaries n.
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CFC ANCOP MALUGAY VILLAGE completion report (batch 1-10 beneficiaries PowerPoint Presentation
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CFC ANCOP MALUGAY VILLAGE completion report (batch 1-10 beneficiaries

CFC ANCOP MALUGAY VILLAGE completion report (batch 1-10 beneficiaries

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CFC ANCOP MALUGAY VILLAGE completion report (batch 1-10 beneficiaries

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  1. CFC ANCOP MALUGAY VILLAGEcompletion report (batch 1-10 beneficiaries Thank You Letter And Pictures

  2. Virgilio and Liza Ombrog – unit 1 Dear Sponsors, We are part of your MalugayAncop Village. I am the daugther of Lita and VirgilioOmbrog. We would like to give our gratitude on this give and it is an early present to us. My parents Liza and Virgilio would like to thank you also for this assistance. My mother stays at home because she just recovered from a stroke and my father earn from odd jobs. Again we are thankful of the house that was constructed for us. We hope that the Lord will guide you in all of your endeavors to construct more houses, Respectfully yours, Signed CharlitaOmbrog

  3. Hassan and Pamela Abubakar – unit 2 To CFC Ancop: Dear Sir/Madam: First of all, we would like to thank the Lord because He made possible for us more people to have a better house. Secondly, to people like you who have the kindest heart to help us and give their servies to poor like us. We are very greatful that we belong to CFC because we now share one faith. My husband used to be a muslim and as a muslim, they do not recognize the Lord as Saviour, but, because of your help, this paved way for him to realize the true God. God is now the center in our family and gave us positive outlook in life. Again, to CFC Ancop, thank you and we pray for more strength and good health for the greater service to God. I pray that there will be a new generation that will continue your good purpose. We hope that you still continue to build homes for other poor homeless families and most of all to have a strong foundation for Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you All! Signed Mr & Mrs. Abubakar Hassan

  4. Johny and Ines Bonabon – unit 3 Dec 3, 2011 ANCOP Malugay We Mr and MrsBonabon and Family are very greatful in all the assistance and help in constructing my house, specially to Brother Albert Alfaro who have supported us and in all the people who spearhead this housing project. We are very much thankful of this beautiful house. God bless Bonabon Family Unit 3

  5. Edizon and PurificacionZita – unit 4 Dear Ancop, We are Edison and Purification Zita who would like to thank you specially the Lord for granting us this house. We promise to make this house neat and clean. Lovingly yours, Mr and MrsZita.

  6. Crispin and Gilda Vergado – unit 5 Dec 3, 2011 To the ANCOP management, we Cirspin and Gilda Bergado and my family would like to send our gratitude in your housing project also likewise to CFC specially to Bro Albert Alfaro,. All of you paved the way for us to own a neat , clean and peaceful house and also to become closer to God. We pray that God will shower His blessings to you all. Respectfully yours, Mr and Mrs Crispin Bergardo

  7. Salvado and Judy Mabasa – unit 6 • Letter of Salvador and Judy Mabasa missing, will exert effort to forward letter as soon as it becomes available.

  8. Leo and ZaidaQiocson – unit 7 To CFC ANCOP Canada We Leo Quiocson and SaydaQuiocson would like to thank you on the house that you provided for us here are ANCOP Malugay Village. We hope that you will continue helping poor and homeless people like us. God bless! Respectfuly yours, Signed Leo and SaydaQuiocson

  9. Joel and Cynthia Escuadro – unit 8 To CFC & Ancop We would like to thank you for the house that you provided for us. We promised to take care of it. We would also like to thank the Lord that He will give strength and guidance to all the members of CFC and Ancop and provide guidance all to all the beneficiary-families. We pray that CFC and ANCOP can reached to more homeless people like us in the future. Signed: Escuardo family

  10. Felipe and Janet Gales – unit 9 We Felipe and Janet Gales of CFC AncopMalugay Village would like to thank you for the house that was provided for us. When we became member of CFC our lives changed and became closer to God and we became witness to our neighbors. With our new house is also new hope to our children as they grow older. We can’t repay you but may the Lord bless you for all the service you made! Thank you and God bless!

  11. Jose and Maria Diaz – unit 10 TO ALL ANCOP MEMBERS: We Mr and Mrs Diaz, would like to thank Ancop Canada and also to Bro Albert Alfaro, Pres MindaOmbrog for the support in the construction of our house. We hope that you continue to support us in constructing the remaining houses and you can also trust that we will also give our full support and assistance to the project. Thank you very much. Mr and Mrs. Diaz