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  1. A research assignment Censorship

  2. What is censorship? Censorship -- the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society

  3. What is significance? The extent to which something matters; importance; meaning

  4. How do we measure significance? To measure significance you have to discuss the IMPACT of censorship on New Zealand. Ask yourself these questions; • What would NZ be like if we had NO censorship? ie anarchy/freedom of speech and expression • How has NZ censorship evolved and why do you think it has evolved in this way? ie protect the whole of NZ and to control the thoughts of its citizens protecting just the vulnerable • What is censored and what is NOT censored? ie the internet is not censored as such however, access to internet can be subject to censorship- WATCHDOG • How is the media type you are researching affected by being censored? ie is it more or less popular/available/produced

  5. Future Gazing… acknowledging the past to gain understanding of the future. When researching anything, not only is the history important but, the impact of the history is also important. This can ONLY be expressed through Future Gazing… “This is how censorship was introduced to NZ and this was the impact, from this I can assume/gague/imagine that the result will be NZ being like this in the future.”

  6. The Practicality of putting your thoughts on the page. Essay Introduction - Define censorship, make a clear connection between it and society (include the word significant), briefly indicate how your type of media is included

  7. Still writing… Paragraph one – turn your question into a topic sentence (make a statement that is clear and definitive). Then follow the standard IDEA structure I= identify the point you are going to make (clear and concise) D= describe it in detail, making sure you acknowledge other perspectives while maintaining you are RIGHT E= give examples and explain the meaning and significance of the examples A= analyse how this point illustrates how significant censorship is to New Zealand REMEMBER – significance can be measured interms of economic, historical, social, ethical etc… ways.

  8. Still writing… Paragraph two, three, four etc… As you did in paragraph one. always keep in the back of your mind, “how is what I am saying proving the significance of censorship on NZ?”

  9. The Practicality of putting your thoughts on the page. Report • Thesis statement, followed by an explanation of what your area of study is • Mini essays, with SUB HEADINGS, discussing the various aspects of censorship you have decided to investigate (each of these MUST include discussion of significance and have strong examples form you resources) • Concluding statement, with a detailed discussion on the impact/significance of censorship on NZ with specific attention paid to your examples and how they have led you to believe NZ will continue on to become….

  10. What you hand in. • ESSAY/REPORT • Reference list • Source sheets for every source you used (at least 5) In that order please, stapled together with every page named.

  11. What you can include • Surveys • Pictures • Graphs • And or anything else that will aid you in making your point, please check with me first. 

  12. Where should I be up to?

  13. Where am I going?