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Outsource Copy Paste Data Entry Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Outsource Copy Paste Data Entry Services

Outsource Copy Paste Data Entry Services

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Outsource Copy Paste Data Entry Services

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  1. MAX BPO O U T S O U R CI N G DataEntry Ser ices Max BPOOutsourcing

  2. WhatisDataEntry? The standard definition of data entryis to key information into the computer in form of from forms or non-electronic forms of data. In plain language one can take this conversion as Analog toDigital.

  3. Types ofData EntryServices Data ProcessingServices Data Mining Services Data Cleansing Services Data ConversionServices

  4. Data ProcessingServices When various types of operations are carried on data to transform, retrieve and using them in desired manner is referred as Data Processing. There are several data entry companies in India that provide these services at variouslevels.

  5. Data MiningServices Extracting new and useful information from a pre- existed database or from a lot of data is referred as Data MiningServices.

  6. Data CleansingServices In order to make the best use of any available data, it needs to be improved in terms of identifying and removing all the inaccurate, incomplete, unfinished, non relevant and invalid data within a dataset or a table so that the accurate data can beused.

  7. Data ConversionServices Data conversion service is most important services in data entry support services. Sometime details required to be used in other format than it’s current format. PDF to Doc, XLS to Doc and vice versa

  8. 1968 S. Coast Hwy #482,Laguna Beach CA92651 ADDRESS PHONE +1949-281-6905 EMAIL Source : -