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Top 10 Muscle Building Nutritional Supplements PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Muscle Building Nutritional Supplements

Top 10 Muscle Building Nutritional Supplements

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Top 10 Muscle Building Nutritional Supplements

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  1. Top 10 Muscle Building Nutritional Supplements

  2. Featured Product: Roxy Lean RoxyLean is a Medi-Biological Weight loss product that delivers immediate, fast acting fat loss results. Please do not take without prior consent of our physician. RoxyLean. The Healthy Supportive, Metabolic, Weight Management Agent! RoxyLean is based on the most popular weight loss supplement ever formulated. It is extremely strong and not for everyone. It is comprised of the exact ratio of energy-driven ingredients, performance based components, and circulatory catalysts that make it unlike any other weight loss product available in stores today. $24.95

  3. Featured Product:Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-Workout w/NO3. Explosive Workouts. Contains Creatine Nitrate. Highly Explosive Energy. NO3 Pump Technology. Rapid Absorption System. Chrome Series 3rd Generation. $29.99

  4. Featured Product:ALR Industries HumaPro HumaPro has brought into the open the best-kept secret by the usual protein powder manufacturers — that whey or soy protein supplements are the best natural sources of protein for your body. No! They’re not! Medically reviewed clinical studies have conclusively proved that ALR Industries HumaPro is a staggering 501% more effective, read absorbed and used up by the body, than conventional whey protein supplements. $57.01

  5. Featured Product:Animal Naturals K9 Joint Strong Animal Naturals K9 Joint Strong is an everyday supplement for large breed canines such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and others that are naturally and genetically prone to weak hips and joints as they age. But don’t mistake it as a product for old and feeble dogs. K9 Joint Strong from Animal Naturals is equally effective for working dogs, canines that regularly compete in shows, as well as dogs that don’t respond to regular supplements and compounds. $51.99

  6. Featured Product:Cellucor CLK Cellucor CLK is one of the biggest weight-loss revolutions to be released in the supplement market lately. CLK are soft gel capsules in a delicious and aromatic raspberry flavor. Combined with Super HD or Nitro, or even with meals, Cellucor CLK has been known to produce magical loss in body weight. The best part about CLK for the majority of wannabe skinnies is that it is stimulant-free, so you can stack it up. In fact, it also decreases your cravings and appetite $39.99

  7. Featured Product:ROCK TAPE Endurance Tape for Athletes. Rock Tape Improves Athletic Performance by reducing muscle fatigue. Unlike conventional tape which constricts blood-flow, Rock Tape lifts the skin away from muscles which increases blood flow. Rock Tape also helps support the muscles which helps prevent fatigue. Rock Tape stretches just like your skin - wear it anywhere or anytime. Treats sport injuries. Prevent Fatigue. Enhance Performance. $20.00

  8. Featured Product:GPS 14 To Lean Kit Gunnar Peterson, the celebrated Beverly Hills trainer of movie, TV, and music celebrities, professional sportspersons and athletes, has developed a superfast weight and fat loss formula — the GPS 14 to Lean Kit, reputed to transform your body in just 14 days! $19.99

  9. Featured Product:Cellucor P6 Extreme Black Introducing Cellucor P6 Black featuring No tropic Testosterone Technology, which contains a powerful combination of cutting edge testosterone and no tropic boosting ingredients. This hardcore testosterone supplement delivers a unique “feel” unmatched by any other supplement available today. P6 Black contains potent no tropics ingredients including, Alpha-GPC (a natural Choline compound) and D-Serine (an amino acid derivative) both of these compounds support elevated cognitive energy, motivation, clarity and focus. $79.99

  10. Featured Product:Muscle Pharm Armor-V Demand more of your body-and your vitamins. Armor-V is the most comprehensive multi-nutrient complex available. It's unique blend of organics, herbals and natural ingredients were specifically formulated to feed your body with everything nature intended – and then some. Armor-V is the end of boring vitamins, loaded with pure vegetable and fruit derivatives, rich in antioxidants and system optimizers establishing the foundation for strength and performance athletes. Fortify your body from within. $29.99

  11. Featured Product:Muscle Pharm Armor-V This triple pro hormone monstrosity that will give you massive lean dry muscle gains and increased strength. This potent pro hormone stack combines three of the best compounds that will deliver serious gains. $59.95