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Social Media Marketing In Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing In Dubai

Social Media Marketing In Dubai

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Social Media Marketing In Dubai

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  2. Social media marketing is a rapidly growing trend. Popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, have opened up a channel for marketers to reach out to their target audience instantly and cost-effectively. Marketers all over the globe are enthusiastic on building their marketing strategies around social media. Social media marketing in Dubai has gained immense popularity because it helps to connect with a broad audience base instantly especially if you are targeting at the tech-savvy youngsters. If you are planning on building an effective social media marketing strategy, then you need to take a look at some of the trends that have risen this year.

  3. Mobile phones have become the top priority – We all know that there is a massive increase in the number of mobile phone users, and so companies have focused more on the smartphones. So for an entrepreneur, it has become imperative to create a strong social media presence so that they can connect with their customers who browse the net usually through their mobile phones. • Customer Service through Social Media – Since people are very active on social media it has become more convenient to provide customer service through the company’s social media site since it is very easy for the customers to access.

  4. Live-Streaming Video on social media – This is a more compelling and personal way of connecting with your customers without having to actually meet them in person. This method has a better impact than blogs and newsletters. • So you see 2016 has seen a mix of a lot of smart trends in social media marketing in Dubai. Phreakindigital has been a part of a lot of similar social media marketing campaigns for a number of companies from different verticals. As a digital agency, we have had the opportunity to be a part of numerous social media marketing campaigns. Our experience and expertise us made us one among the best digital agencies offering social media marketing in Dubai.

  5. Slide Title • To expand you online visibility and develop innovative social media marketing plans get in touch with us today. Thank you….. Visit at