should i buy a laptop or desktop computer n.
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Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer? PowerPoint Presentation
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Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

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Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer?

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  1. Should I buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer? By: Kellie Kameda

  2. Going into the College of Ed it is required to buy a laptop. But aren’t they expensive? And wouldn’t it just be better to get a desktop computer where it’s always at home and cheaper? I did some looking to see what’s better a laptop or a desktop. Here’s what I’ve found…

  3. What is a Laptop? A laptop computer is a small mobile computer. You can carry around because it is usually light in weight.

  4. What is a Desktop? A desktop computer is a personal computer. Usually made for desk use at home or in an office.

  5. Laptop Small in size Battery powered Light weight Portable entertainment system Desktop Big in size Not portable Heavy in weight Comes with a tower that sits on the floor under a desk. Easier to repair Difference?

  6. Features Both the laptop and desktop computers have the same features. • Checking e-mail • Web Surfing • Word Processing • Playing Music • Photo Editing • Computer Games • DVD Watching

  7. CostBuy Notebook PCs direct from the HP Home & Home Office Store

  8. Laptop Business People College Students Desktop Office Users Home Users Students (all ages) Who Can Use It?

  9. Decision… Getting a laptop or desktop depends on your preference. If you want a computer you can carry around with you so it’s there when needed get a laptop. But if you want just want one for home use and don’t mind not having it 24-7 then get a desktop computer. For me I have no choice I need a laptop. Even if it is a bit more expensive. Although I would rather have a desktop computer, maybe I’ll do fine with a laptop for now and get a desktop later.

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