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INFOTRACK Systems (P) Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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INFOTRACK Systems (P) Ltd.

INFOTRACK Systems (P) Ltd.

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INFOTRACK Systems (P) Ltd.

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  1. INFOTRACK Systems (P) Ltd.

  2. Infotrack Vision Build high-end frameworks and tools that simplify the process of software development and enhance the productivity considerably by reducing the development time and effort. To achieve technological excellence and produce user-friendly high end technology based products and solutions

  3. Value Proposition • To provide a high level of competence in • technologies in our chosen segments to • enable customer implementation in • the shortest possible time and • providing the best value for money.

  4. Areas of Specialization Skill Sets • Oracle, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Sybase, etc. • Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, Delphi, Oracle Tools,etc. • ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, PHP, XML, Javascript, DHTML, etc. • Visual C++/MFC, Qt, etc. • Windows , Linux, Solaris, etc. • C, C++, Java, C#, Assembly, etc. • Linux internals, Unix internals, etc. • Rational Rose, Designer, Paradigm, UML, etc. • OLE/DCOM, CORBA,

  5. Areas of Specialization Database Applications • Advance License Processing System (ALPS) • Business Management System (BMS) • Group Analysis and Consolidation System (GAS) • Fixed Assets Management System (FAMS) • Travel Management System (TAM) • Retirement Benefits Management System (RBMS) • Money Spinner

  6. Areas of Specialization Object Web Technology and E-Commerce Applications • Object Web Frameworks (OBF) • Development of E-commerce applications • Java Graphical Tool Kit • Employee Information System

  7. Areas of Specialization Open Source Applications • Minates • Mobile Telecom Controller (MTC) • Front-end Controller • Network Controller • Transmitter Network Controller

  8. Areas of Specialization Object Oriented Technology • Rational Rose and UML • Real-time Projects • Telecom and Command Control Systems • Electronic Imaging • Image Compression Toolkits

  9. Areas of Specialization Telecommunication Software • Protocol Stacks • Message-based Frameworks • Electronic Warfare Systems • Mission-critical, real-time, telecommunication projects

  10. Products • Human Resources Management System • Retirement Benefits Management System • Fixed Assets Management System

  11. Areas of Specialization • Real-time Projects • Embedded Systems • Telecom and Command Control Systems • Protocol Stacks • Electronic Warfare Systems • Mission critical real time telecommunication projects • Network Management Systems • Message based Frameworks • Electronic Imaging • Image Compression Toolkits

  12. Infotrack's Strengths • A Profit making, dividend paying company established in 1994. • A strong team of 100+ professionals • The team comprises of functional specialists in Payroll, Finance, Insurance, Accounts Management, Income Tax, Industrial Relations, HR, Personnel management, etc. • Software specialists in Object-Oriented Technology, Databases, etc. • Designers and Architects specializing in designing large products. • A strong SQA group comprising specialists in IEEE, MIL-498 and DOD2167A • Document Specialists specializing in Rational Rose and UML

  13. Infotrack's Expertise Software specialists in Object-Oriented Technology, Telecommunication Systems, Network Management Systems, Embedded Systems, Databases, etc. • Designers and Architects specializing in designing large products. • A strong SQA group comprising specialists in IEEE, MIL-498 and DOD2167A • Document Specialists specializing in Rational Rose and UML

  14. Infotrack's Management Dr. Brij Bhushan Sahni (Ph.D., Computer Science) International Who’s Who Recognized by IBC, Cambridge, UK as the Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century More than 20+ years of experience Shikha Consultant to leading software houses such as Infosys, Wipro, etc. More than 18 years experience

  15. Infotrack's Management Ms. Geeta More than 15 years of experience in the areas of HR and Business Management Strategies. Dr. R.C. Sastry Former Vice President HR – Satyam Computer Services Ltd and VST Industries Ltd. is advisor for Knowledge Management. Professor Arun Agarwal, Head, Department of Computer Science, Central University, Hyderabad is advisor for emerging technologies

  16. Ministry of Defense - Govt. of India • An Electronic Warfare System that provides early warnings by intercepting, and identifying radar emitters of different types. • Development of Message Delivery Protocol Stacks • Capability of interacting with multiple entities and extensive control mechanisms • Capability of interacting and configuring multiple devices and • receivers • Data encryption

  17. Partial List of Clients HRMS • Centurion Bank of Punjab Ltd., Mumbai • SIDBI , Lucknow • Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Ltd. (GNFC) • Tech Mahindra Ltd., Pune. • Vesuvius Ltd., Kolkota • R. K Foodland, Mumbai. • ITC Ltd.,New Delhi • Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Hyderabad • Infrastructure Leasing & Finance Ltd., Mumbai. • Thinksoft Global, Chennai

  18. Partial List of Clients General • Standard Chartered Bank , London • Wipro Global R&D, Bangalore. • Wipro Systems, Hyderabad. • Deustche Software India, Bangalore. • Infosys Ltd., Bangalore • CMC Ltd., Hyderabad. • DLRL, Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India • Megasoft Inc., U.S.A. • EveryPath Inc., US • InSync Inc., US • Frontier Systems, US • Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Hyderabad •, USA.

  19. Infotrack H R M S

  20. HRMS - An Overview • HRMS is a state-of-the-art, open-ended, completely integrated, user friendly, GUI-based software that caters to the complete automation of the HR Function including Payroll. • HRMS is engineered on the strong foundations of Object Oriented Technologies providing a high degree of flexibility, scalability, extensibility, portability, reliability, robustness and seamless integration. • HRMS is geared to lead you into the 21st century.

  21. Futuristic Technology

  22. Design Methodology The Unified Modeling Language UML is a semi-formal semantic specification that includes abstract syntax, well-formedness rules, and dynamic semantics

  23. Object Oriented Methodology • Different Approach from Traditional Software • Development Approach • Affects the entire software development life cycle • More efforts for Analysis and Design - Robust and Adaptable systems • Brings out more clarity on requirements • Identification of minute details • Facilitates validation and verification of requirements against design and test cases • Imparts high degree of scalability, extensibility and ease of maintenance

  24. Object Oriented Methodology • Consistency of model views • Improved problem domain abstraction • Improved stability in the presence of changes • Improved model facilities for reuse • Improved scalability • Better stability for reliability and safety concerns • Improved Robustness • Inherent support for concurrency • Improved extensibility

  25. Vocabulary functionality System assembly configuration management Design view Implementation view Use case view behavior Process view Deployment view System topology distribution delivery installation Performance Scalability throughput A UML Model for Modeling System Architecture

  26. An Overview OBF is a powerful, robust, scalable, object oriented framework of classes and objects used for developing business and commercial applications. It provides classes for the management of several key business requirements and functions including security management, business modeling, workflow management, auditing facility, etc.

  27. HRMS – Design Model – Package Diagram WorkflowObjects UICoreObjects DataAccessorCore Business UIApplicationObject Application (from UICoreObjects) Object Repository IntegrationObjects

  28. Task Class Hierarchy

  29. Service Objects

  30. Infotrack Application Manager Infotrack Object Repository

  31. Features • Security Management • Workflow Management • Error handling/configuration of error messages • Source Task Tracking • Export/Import • Mail and Fax support • Configurable Validations • Customize • Sort/Filter/Zoom/Find • Scheduler • Form Generator • Report Generator

  32. Multi-company support

  33. Multi-level Definition support Country SBU-3 SBU-2 SBU-1 CC-4 CC-2 CC-3 CC-1

  34. Multi-country support Global Superset Regional Sub set-3 Regional Sub set-2 Regional Sub set-1 Country Country Country Country 1 2 2 1 1

  35. Multi-currency support Provision for maintaining multiple currencies Provision for maintaining exchange rates Provision for defining base and alternate currencies

  36. Features • Multi-site support • Multi-tier security, provides high level of security and ensures authorization and control at various stages • Workflow automation and management • Exhaustive and comprehensive analysis via a wide range of reports and graphs • In-built fax, mail and scanner interface • Powerful backup and recovery features and Admin Tool • Export/import facilities available • Support for Document Archiving (Optional) • Web Enabled • Seamless integration with other Windows-based applications - Support for OLE/Open Technologies

  37. Features • XML compliance • Citrix compliance • Ease of maintenance and extensibility • Automatic generation of several statutory reports • ODBC, JDBC compliant • Resource optimization and load balancing • On-line help and user manual • Designed using the UML (Unified Modeling Language) • Enhances productivity of your HR departments • Cost effective, maximizes investment • Can interface with leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft etc. • State-of-the-art and fully integrated

  38. Features • Multi-country support • Multi-currency support • Highly configurable and flexible • Parameterized system • Highly scalable • Support for consolidation at country, region and global level • Analysis at multiple levels • LDAP interface • Flexible Pay templates and Pay configuration

  39. Quality Assurance Standards • Test Plans • The following test plans would be followed in conformance • with IEEE (Std-829). • Unit Test Plan • Module Test Plan • Integration Test Plan • Acceptance Test Plan

  40. Software Practices Version Control • Clear Case • Source safe SQA and Testing • SQA Suite Documentation Standards • Mil 498 • DOD 2167 A • IEEE

  41. Documentation • Following documents in conformance with IEEE Standards shall be delivered: • User Manuals • Technical Reference Manuals • Troubleshooting guide

  42. Embedded Systems Projects executed by Infotrack ·On-Board Control System (OCS) Developed using Embedded C++/C and using Rational Rose Suite in conformance to MIL-STD 498 Standards • Health Management • Post commands to actuators through DACs • Control various sub systems • Read the feedback voltage and process inputs received from various sub-systems • Monitor status of various sub-systems (Surveillance and Multiple modes of communications with various sub-systems • Control switching of sub systems through relay drivers

  43. Embedded Systems Projects executed by Infotrack ·Target Data Processor (TDP) Developed using Embedded C++/C and using Rational Rose Suite in conformance to MIL-STD 498 Standards ·Process and analyze the data by the transmitter ·        Act on the commands sent by the controller ·        Track the health of all the devices attached

  44. Network Management and Telecom Projects executed by Infotrack ·Mobile Telecom Controller (MTC) Developed using Linux, C++/C and using Rational Rose Suite in conformance to MIL-STD 498 Standards MTC FEC NEC

  45. Network Management and Telecom Projects executed by Infotrack ·Mobile Telecom Controller (MTC) Node 1 Node 1 MTC MTC Node 1 Node 2

  46. Ø   Display and Command Control Systems

  47. Infotrack Advantages • Long term, high quality, cost effective and comprehensive support • Customer specific environment, processes, confidentiality and security norms • Trained pool of engineers - knowledge base retained • Expertise in diverse skills available • Hundreds of man years of experience available for faster and quality delivery • Enhances development capacity of Customer, at a fraction of cost and substantially reduced risk

  48. Infotrack Benefits • Infotrack will maintain • Customer templates • Repository of Customer Processes and Solutions (knowledge database) • Documentation • Support for Version Management • Rich experience in client’s focus areas • Quick Delivery of customer requirements • Tested processes and proven methodologies in place

  49. Thank You