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Tonsillitis types,Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Prevention and treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Tonsillitis types,Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Prevention and treatment

Tonsillitis types,Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Prevention and treatment

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Tonsillitis types,Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Prevention and treatment

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  1. Download App Tonsillitis or tonsils

  2. What Is Tonsillitis Download App

  3. TypesofTonsillitis Download App TYPES OF TONSILLITIS Acute Tonsillitis Chronic Tonsillitis If symptoms lasts for about 10 days or less it is considered acute tonsillitis. Chronic tonsillitis symptoms continue longer than acute. A person with chronic tonsillitis may experience sore throat, bad breath (halitosis), tender lymph nodes in the neck. Recurrent Tonsillitis In recurrent tonsillitis is often known as a sore throat or tonsillitis at least 5-7 times in a year, or occurrences at least 5 times in each of the previous 2 years.

  4. SymptomsofTonsillitis Download App • The most common cause of tonsillitis include the following • Pain and sore throat while swallowing • Pus filled spots with red and swollen tonsils • Fever • Headache • Tiredness • Swollen lymph glands • The less common symptoms include • Fatigue • Stomach pain • Vomiting • Nausea • Bad breath • Changes in the sound of the voice

  5. CausesofTonsillitis Download App • Tonsils are the first line of defense against illness. They produce white blood cells which help to fight against infection. They combat bacteria and viruses which enter the body through mouth and nose. Tonsillitis can be caused by virus such as common cold and by bacterial infection such as streptococcal infection. • Viral tonsillitis is the most common cause of tonsillitis. These viruses include the following • Rhinovirus • Epstein-Barr virus • Hepatitis A • HIV

  6. PreventionofTonsillitis Download App

  7. Diagnosis of Tonsillitis Download App

  8. TreatmentofTonsillitis Download App • Most of the people use over the counter medications for tonsillitis for relieving symptoms of tonsillitis. • If bacterial infection is causing tonsillitis the doctor will usually prescribes antibiotics. • However in case of viral tonsillitis antibiotics are not effective. Penicillin is the most common antibiotics the patient should follow the complete course of the medicines even if the symptoms have resolved because stopping the medicines in the mid of the course may cause the infection to spread. • If left untreated the infection may lead to rheumatic fever and kidney inflammation.

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