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Hospital mattress PowerPoint Presentation
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Hospital mattress

Hospital mattress

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Hospital mattress

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  1. Hospital Mattress Suppliers: DESCO India

  2. Everyday many patients visit hospitals for treatment of their disease. In hospitals medical furniture plays an important role in maintaining the good environment and comfort to patients and doctors. Mattresses are very important part of medical furniture as these are necessary for patients to feel comfort and ease. Good quality soft mattresses provide comfort to patients with serious injury and helps doctors to cure any such illness.

  3. Deluxe Scientific SurgicoPvt Ltd, also known as DESCO India is a leading manufacturer of Hospital Mattresses. We deliver the best quality hospital mattress, right suited for your hospital or clinic. Here is the variety of options available: • One Section Mattress : This single section mattress is made up of foam filled in single zip from one side. It is covered with Rexene cover zipped from one side. Hospital mattresses are available in different thickness; 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cm. These mattresses are used for plain medical hospital beds.

  4. Two-Section Mattress : Two-section mattress is foam based mattress with two sections, foldable from middle of both sections. These types of mattresses are used in semi fowler medical hospital beds. These types of mattresses are available in three thickness 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cms.

  5. Four-Section Mattress : Four-Section Mattress comes with four sections made up of foam. Each portion is covered with Rexene and zipped through one end. This kind of mattresses is used in full fowler beds. Four-section mattresses are available in three thickness options 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cms.

  6. Five-Section Mattress : Five-Section mattress has five different sections. All these sections are covered with Rexene cover. This kind of mattresses is used in orthopedic bed patients. Five section Mattresses are available in her own color. Five Section Mattress are available in all sizes as per simple mattress.

  7. Anti Decubitus Mattress : Anti Decubitus Mattress is also known as Anti bedsore Mattress. These mattresses are easy to operate while operating. It replaces foul air and recreates freshness. Works on household power supply.

  8. DESCO India is a leading manufacturer of Medical hospital mattresses. Our on time delivery and customer satisfaction program helps our customers to get best medical furniture at best possible prices and on time. So, if you are seeking for hospital mattresses or medical furniture, DESCO India is the right option for you.

  9. Contact Us DELUXE SCIENTIFIC SURGICO PVT LTD MOBILE NO : +91-9810867957 +91-9899077957 E-MAIL : WEBSITE :