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There have been constant changes in the television since its inception, in the present times people the only constant in LED TV.

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  1. LED TV New Era Of Television

  2. Introduction “A change is always feasible.” This has truly been the case in evolution of Television. From a box shaped TV we have moved to LED’s, from cathode ray tube display to light emitting diode display. All these changes have happened in a span of 50 years, being a part of the change it makes us realize how technology changes overtime. Now let us see the impact and latest inventions in the same field.

  3. Impact Of Latest Invention LED TV, since its inception the use of all the LCD TV’s and CRT-Boxed TV have reduced drastically. Both in rural and urban areas people can now afford LED TV. This has also made people stick to more to these appliances and has affected their social life adversely. Mostly everyone now wants to invest their free time in watching television rather than doing something productive.

  4. Benefits Of LED • Considering the entertainment LED TV’s offer, it is really affordable. • It has more to offer rather than just channels, i.e , games, music download, etc. • Channels can now be viewed in HD. • Consumes less space than older versions of television.

  5. What’s New !! We might have heard of android mobiles definitely but here is something which is relatively newer to a lot i.e Android TV. Here are certain features listed below. • Powered by Android OS • 3D to 2D conversion • Wifi, Internet • Android Google Apps • Remote has keypads on both sides, one side for channel surfing and other has QWERTY keypad.

  6. Conclusion Every invention has its own merits and demerits and same has been the case with LED’s. But overlooking the demerits the LED has lot to offer and there have been constant changes in the design of LED TV. Some of the companies are still trying to make further improvements in LED TV, one of the most evident being the invention of Android TV by Sony. One always reach a brim point but yet some or the other person or company comes with something new in tele-”vision”. One can buy LED TV online or can approach a physical store selling TV’s.

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