work and faith faith and work n.
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Work and Faith Faith and Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Work and Faith Faith and Work

Work and Faith Faith and Work

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Work and Faith Faith and Work

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  1. Work and FaithFaith and Work

  2. Christ and Culture Culture and Christ

  3. I do not see how science and religion could be unified or even synthesized under any common scheme of explanation or analysis; but I also do not understand why the two enterprises should experience any conflict. Science tries to document the factual character of the natural world, and to develop theories that coordinate and explain these facts. Religion on the other hand, operates in the equally important, but utterly different realm of human purposes, meanings and values—subjects that the factual domain of science might illuminate but never resolve. Similarly, while scientists must operate with ethical principles, some specific to their practice, the validity of these principles can never be inferred from the factual discoveries of science. - Stephen Jay Gould, Rocks of Ages

  4. I took an honest look at myself that night, and I didn't like what I saw. I was pushing harder and harder in my business. I kept myself under pressure. I yearned for success. … I confessed to God my cowardice. “I want to give myself completely to you … From now on my whole life is yours. Come in and take full control. Whatever You ask me to do, no matter what it is, I will submit to the best of my ability. I will look to You for strength and guidance to do what you ask me to do.” God had led me to take a major step in my spiritual metamorphosis, the step of obedience. Obedience! Trust and obey the Bible tells us. It is a simple concept. It has profound overtones … In my case the command was to witness! … I could secure well written artistically produced gospel tracts and give them to the people I met in my travels. Thus began a mode of witness which I still practice. … Jesus stood on the mount of Olives prior to His ascension into heaven, the last words He said to His disciples were, “You shall be witnesses unto me” … the Christian only avoids it through disobedience. - Stanley Tam, God Owns my Business

  5. The idea of Jesus as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) came to me twenty years ago when I was living in the mountains. It struck me at the time that Jesus had many feminine values in management and that His approach with His staff often ran counter to other management styles and techniques I had both witnessed and experienced. With the business world changing so rapidly and so drastically, it seemed to me that we need creative and innovative role models now more than ever before. I believe the world is crying out for leaders whose goals are to build up, not to tear down; to nurture, not to exploit; to undergird and enhance, rather than to dominate. Jesus as a leader struck me as the noblest of them all. - Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus CEO

  6. The successful impact of evangelical faith on business management is best understood as a series of sustained tensions. … The running theme throughout this analysis is contrast. … Strong investment ratings do not automatically coincide with people needs inside a company. Competitive pressures do not instantly lend themselves to an attitude of loving one's neighbor. And the pluralistic agnosticism of today's workplace rarely welcomes the mention of Jesus or any other kind of witnessing.How then does such a faith play a role in this world? Is that role good or bad for business? More to the point, what kind of business values are we talking about? What sort of competitive characteristics emerge from participants' visions of good business practices? … [The] core concepts that seem to drive evangelical business thinking [can be grouped into at least seven recurring themes…] - Laura Nash, Believers in Business

  7. 4 ways the church has historicallythought about issue: • Christ and Culture in Separate Realms (Christ Irrelevant to Culture) • Christ and Culture at War (Christ Against Culture) • Christ enlightening Culture at Peace (Christ in Harmony with Culture) • Culture brought under authority of Christ (Christ Transformer of Culture)

  8. Creation Fall Redemption Sanctification Glorification

  9. Creation Fall Redemption Sanctification Glorification CHRIST CULTURE