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hair transplant in islamabad

have lost your hair. Hairs play an important role in how you look and feel with Hair Transplantation Clinic Islamabad & Rawalpindi Twin City

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hair transplant in islamabad

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  1. Hair transplant in Islamabad What is hair transplant ? Hair loss has become more common than it was ever before. Whether you want to blame it on to your ancestors, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of nutrition in your diet or lack of a proper skin hair care routine, it has become a reality of the today’s world. Nearly, all of us have struggled with hair fall at some point. If you have progressed from hair loss to baldness and have lost all the hope, you have come to the right place.  Lucky for you, you have been born in a time where almost anything can be fixed whether it’s your nose, hair or body

  2. Benefits of Hair Transplantation: • Results are natural and permanent • Above mentioned techniques are safe when it comes to harvesting donor grafts • Both these techniques are highly cost effective • Cost of Hair Transplant Islamabad Well, Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi varies significantly depending upon the choice of a clinic, surgeon and treatment option. Generally a follicular unit costs between 40 PKR To 60 PKR in Islamabad and for a full hair transplant, you’ll need about 2000 to 3000 follicular units”. I know it can get pretty expensive but it’s so worth it.

  3. Hair Transplant Islamabad Results • This is before and after of  our hair transplant surgery . • We provide best transplant in Islamabad ,Rawalpindi    ,Lahore .

  4. Contact uscontact us Address     : Islamabad , Rawalpindi Pakistan Email :info@skncosmetics.com Website      :https://www.skncosmetics.com/hair-transplant-islamabad/ Telephone  :051 2656491  051 2656493. 

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