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20944-002 Vocabulary

20944-003 Conformance. 20944-002 Vocabulary. 20944-004 General Usage. 20944-005 Common Data Structures. 20944-006 Semi-Structure Aggregation. 20944-001 Overview. 20944-021 XML Coding Bindings. 20944-020 Coding Bindings. 20944-022 DNVP Coding Bindings. 20944-023 ASN.1 Coding Bindings.

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20944-002 Vocabulary

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  1. 20944-003Conformance 20944-002Vocabulary 20944-004GeneralUsage 20944-005Common DataStructures 20944-006Semi-StructureAggregation 20944-001Overview 20944-021XML CodingBindings 20944-020CodingBindings 20944-022DNVP CodingBindings 20944-023ASN.1 CodingBindings 20944-040APIBindings 20944-041C APIBinding 20944-042C++ APIBinding 20944-043ECMAScriptAPI Binding 20944-044Java APIBinding 20944-060ProtocolBindings 20944-061XML ProtocolBindings 20944-062DNVP ProtocolBindings 20944-063ASN.1 ProtocolBindings 20944-064WSDL ProtocolBinding 20944-065LDAP ProtocolBinding 20944-100Profiles 20944-10111179-3Attribute Map 20944-102Profile For11179-3 MDR 20944-103URIs ForMDR Nav.

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