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  2. State Capitals State Flowers State Nicknames State Abbreviations 200200200200 400400400400 600600 600600 800800800800 1000100010001000 Final Jeopardy Question

  3. State Capitals for 200 This state’s capital is Olympia and it also shares its name with the first President of the United States. Answer

  4. Answer: What is Washington? Back to Categories

  5. State Capitals for 400 This state’s capital is Augusta and it also produces 98% of the nation’s low-bush blueberries. Answer

  6. Answer: What is Maine? Back to Categories

  7. State Capitals for 600 This state’s capital is Tallahassee and was discovered by the explorer Ponce De Leon while searching for the fountain of youth. Answer

  8. Answer: What is Florida? Back to Categories

  9. State Capitals for 800 This states’ capital is Honolulu and it is made primarily of volcanic islands. Answer

  10. Answer: What is Hawaii? Back to Categories

  11. State Capitals for 1000 This state’s capital is Sacramento and the people that live in this state are called 49ers. Answer

  12. Answer: What is California? Back to Categories

  13. State Flowers for 200 This state’s flower is the Oregon Grape. Answer

  14. Answer: What is Oregon? Back to Categories

  15. State Flowers for 400 This state’s flower is the magnolia . Answer

  16. Answer: What is Louisiana? Back to Categories

  17. State Flowers for 600 This state’s flower is the black-eyed Susan . Answer

  18. Answer: What is Maryland? Back to Categories

  19. State Flowers for 800 This state’s flower is the sunflower . Answer

  20. Answer: What is Kansas? Back to Categories

  21. Daily Double Question

  22. State Flowers for 1000 Daily Double This state’s flower is the peony . Answer

  23. Answer: What is Indiana? Back to Categories

  24. State Nicknames for 200 This state’s nickname is The Lone Star State. Answer

  25. Answer: What is Texas? Back to Categories

  26. State Nicknames for 400 This state’s nickname is The Sooner State. Answer

  27. Answer: What is Oklahoma? Back to Categories

  28. State Nicknames for 600 This state’s nickname is The Bluegrass State. Answer

  29. Answer: What is Kentucky? Back to Categories

  30. State Nicknames for 800 This state’s nickname is The Buckeye State. Answer

  31. Answer: What is Ohio? Back to Categories

  32. State Nicknames for 1000 This state is home to the Empire State Building which gives it its nickname, the Empire State. Answer

  33. Answer: What is New York? Back to Categories

  34. State Abbreviations for 200 This state’s abbreviation is MT. Answer

  35. Answer: What is Montana? Back to Categories

  36. State Abbreviations for 400 This state’s abbreviation is MN. Answer

  37. Answer: What is Minnesota? Back to Categories

  38. State Abbreviations for 600 This state’s abbreviation is MI. Answer

  39. Answer: What is Michigan? Back to Categories

  40. State Abbreviations for 800 This state’s abbreviation is MO and it is also home to the St. Louis Arch. Answer

  41. Answer: What is Missouri? Back to Categories

  42. Daily Double Question

  43. State Abbreviations for 1000 This state’s abbreviation is MS. Answer

  44. Answer: What is Mississippi? Back to Categories

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  46. Final Jeopardy Question Topic General State Information Make Wagers and Click Here for Final Jeopardy Question

  47. Final Jeopardy Question This state’s capital is Richmond, its nickname is The Mother of Presidents, the flower is the American Dogwood, its abbreviation is VA, and the history of America is closely tied to it. Final Jeopardy Answer

  48. Final Jeopardy Answer: What is Virginia? The End

  49. The End!!!