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England & France Develop

Unit III B. England & France Develop. England Absorbs Waves of Invaders. Who Invaded England first?. Danish Vikings and Anglo-Saxons invade England in the 800’s. How did English Kings try to improve their power?. 1. Hold and add land. Land=Wealth=Power. 2. Centralized Gov't.

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England & France Develop

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  1. Unit III B England & France Develop Izydorczak

  2. England Absorbs Waves of Invaders Izydorczak

  3. Who Invaded England first? Danish Vikings and Anglo-Saxons invade England in the 800’s Izydorczak

  4. How did English Kings try to improve their power? 1. Hold and add land Land=Wealth=Power 2. Centralized Gov't contol government 3. Control the Church Izydorczak

  5. The last years of Anglo-Saxon England King Edward 924 AD to 1066 AD Izydorczak

  6. Duke of Normandy Nothern France Who invades England next? William the Conqueror Izydorczak

  7. Battle of Hastings Result? William becomes King of England! William lands on the coast of England with his army and defeats the Anglo-Saxon king, Harold Izydorczak

  8. Who was a descendant of William and ruled from 1154 to 1189? Henry II Izydorczak

  9. Who did Henry II marry? Eleanor of Aquitane What is the significance of this marriage? She had been married to King Louis VII of France Izydorczak

  10. Henry II Began to practice trial by jury. Result Izydorczak

  11. Henry II English judges formed a body of laws called? Common Law Basis of law for many English speaking countries including the United States. Izydorczak

  12. In 1215 King John signed what document? Significance Magna Carta Izydorczak

  13. Limit the monarch to tax and guaranteed trial by jury to freemen. Izydorczak

  14. 1295, Edward I called a meeting of representatives from all over England which was called? Why? Parliment Izydorczak

  15. Needed to raise taxes for war against France. Izydorczak

  16. What important weapon did Parliament have that limits the power of the leader? Power of the Purse Izydorczak

  17. The English Parliament is what kind of Legislature? bi-cameral What does this look like? Izydorczak

  18. bi-cameral House of Commons House of Lords England Senate United States House of Representatives Izydorczak

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