when lawn maintenance experts are a well known n.
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7 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Do Right Now PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Do Right Now

7 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Do Right Now

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7 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Do Right Now

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  1. When lawn maintenance experts are a well-known fact that the best way to ensure a thick, healthy green lawn in spring, fall in autumn, in other words, it is now. However, Many owners do both major mistakes before the grass remains hidden and wonder if why your grass will not be better next year. Not surprisingly. Here is seven-step program to get a nice lawn next year. 1. Remove the leaves A carpet of colorful autumn leaves is beautiful, but it’s not good for grass. They hold light and moisture traps, potentially knockout deadly knocks for uncomfortable turf continuity. Then, when the leaves fall, blow or remove them as often as possible. Even after the trees are bare, they cross the corners where the glaciers rise. If you do not, then put the grass under the moisture, then the rotten mat is dead. You may also use the Commercial Lawn Care Memphis professional services to make your lawn more beautiful and healthy. 2. Keep cutting, but at the right height Do not kill this healer. The grass continues to grow until the first frost is frozen, so you should cut it regularly to keep it at a perfect height of 2½ to 3 inches. If you leave it too long, it is measured and may be vulnerable to fungi such as snow mold. Cutting the grass too short is also bad because it limits the root system, the root depth is proportional to cutting and prevents the grass from supporting cold and dry winter. Cutting the cutter also cools the leaves very large, connected and with a layer of backing the ground. 3. Continue on the water Professional mowing contractors said that people tend to fall in water during the autumn while the weather is cooling down. While it is true that there is more rain, milder and less evaporation at this time of year, which may not be enough to keep well hydrated and healthy winter roots. If your lawn does not receive at least one centimeter of water a week, a simple rain gauge is an easy way to keep up. Then keep the sprinklers or irrigation system until the end of October. At that point, you need to disconnect the hoses and irrigation irrigation systems to avoid fixed pipes and nails.

  2. 4. Remove the floor Regular ventilation, once every few years according to Jox, prevents the soil compressed and covered with reeds, a thick layer of carrots, stems and water blocking debris, oxygen and nutrients reaching the bottom. A central aerator corrects the same problems through holes when collecting those tabs and removes the plugs from the floor. “It’s a good idea to choose a lawn before fertilization. “With all the holes in your lawn, the fertilizer can easily reach the sources where it is best.” 5. Add fertilizer Like the roots that need water to keep the winter, they also benefit from an injection of plant sugars to protect the roots from freezing and give the energy plant to jump in the spring. The sugars are made of chlorophyll, which produces abundant herbs when there is enough nitrogen. Therefore, cheap lawn care service recommends a late-false application of 24-0-10 slow-release granular fertilizer. The numbers indicate the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, respectively. Potassium is also important today because it contributes to root development, disease protection, drought tolerance and resistance killings. 6. Plant seeds Therefore, it is important to visit the existing lawn. Not only does it have thin stains or stains, but it can also show the ultimate in grass-resistant grass. The fall is the best time to go because the ground is still hot, the moisture is abundant, the night is cold and the sun is not hot in the sun. But even then, “overboard is one of the poorest lawn care tasks. Not only can you send seeds through an established lawn and wait for them to hold. They should completely contact the soil, kept moist until they are grown and enough to become too cold. Taking split seed is a better

  3. option than delivery, but the machines are famous for plucking grass and showing grass as a toothed field. 7. Stay on schedule Each of the above steps should be done at the right time to get the best results. Otherwise, this is a wasted effort. For example, check again and the seedlings will be soft to survive. Prevail ahead and the grass will send soft frostbite leaves. The latter confirms it and the roots can not understand all the nutrients you feed. Do you think of air bubbles in the spring because you can not get there in the fall? Do Not Bother The Spring’s anointing makes it easier to get the seeds of the grass. If you are in autumn during the fall, it is too difficult, a garden service can perform tasks that are not made. You can use the services of Leaf Removal Memphis, those who need to hire heavy machinery such as butler and slit mower, which are hard to transport, have a bear to use, and often in short, on rental properties at this time of the year. Experiencing one or two of these lessons during this busy time ensures that the work is done when needed and you can enjoy a thick green grass next year.