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—— 四川省达县中学 王志怀 PowerPoint Presentation
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—— 四川省达县中学 王志怀

—— 四川省达县中学 王志怀

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—— 四川省达县中学 王志怀

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  1. Welcome to my class ——四川省达县中学 王志怀

  2. My First Ride on a Train The Ghan

  3. Speaking Period 3

  4. Look at the following pictures and guess where it is and try to match them with the corresponding activities of the vocabulary on page25 cinema sports stadium

  5. meeting your best friend Swimming pool

  6. Circus seeing a lot of clowns performing on the stage Zoo seeing elephants , hippos giraffes, pandas, and zebras childhood memory Kindergarten playing games Amusement Park sitting on The Ferris Wheel

  7. Read the five paragraphs of the reading and speaking carefully then find the adjectives that writers use to do the description, then identify which of the childhood memories are happy and which are unhappy . Adjectives: lazy, boring, patient, faster, nervous, wonderful, big, huge, Part 1 Part 3 unhappy happy Part 2 Part 4 happy happy Part 5 happy

  8. Let’s enjoy a piece of music about the childhood memory ,which will help us recall the memory in the past.

  9. I’d like to share some childhood pictures with you and you are suggested to describe what you once saw. Reference words and phrases: I remember: zoo, visit, elephant, tiger, ape monkey, snake, lion, fierce, mild, cute, naughty

  10. Reference words swimming pool, lifebelt, jump into the water, stretch out body, beach, coconut tree, sunbathing sun protective measures

  11. Writing Journey Let’s start from here

  12. Structure Mode attitude and emotions time place process results persons what to do

  13. sample The most unusual journey I’ve made I remember my unusual journey to Mountain Hua very clearly. On August3,2011, I travelled to Mountain Huawith my family members, and I wasdeeply impressed by the natural beauty. When we climbed to the top of the mountain, we could have a bird’s eye view of the scenery, which showed the steep slope and high mountain that seemed to be connected to the clouds in the sky. It was wonderful. What a great day!

  14. Homework Write a paragraph of your journey,and you have four topics to choose from A.My first family holiday B.The most unusual journey I’ve made C.My first train ride D.The best journey of my life

  15. Goodbye and Thanks for your attention