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  1. Adsl Fibre Wireless Sdsl Next generation Build and benefit BDUK High Speed Broadband Fibre to the cabinet Top Priority for Defra Fibre to the home Copper Virgin ERDF Satellite

  2. The Rural Community Broadband Fund The RCBF is to stretch NGA roll out further and deeper, extending Local Broadband plans to as close to 100% as possible •Extending the national infrastructure •It is not to support temporary solutions NGA = Broadband delivering more then 24 Mbps

  3. Black – Grey - White Black • Competitive physical infrastructure e.g. BT, Virgin Grey • Wholesale competition but on a single infrastructure White • There is no service • There is no choice

  4. Defra’s Rural Community Broadband Fund £20m • Funding only eligible in the “Final Third” • i.e. final 10% • Hard to reach areas!

  5. Choices Projects may choose FttX or fixed wireless or a combination if they deliver NGA characteristics Individual satellite services are excluded from this round Compliance with industry standards is required Proposals for extension of existing NGA rollout are encouraged

  6. Criteria RCBF extends the scope of community engagement Proposals must be endorsed by • A majority of the premises in the target area • A local accountable body (e.g. Parish Council) AND the Local Authority

  7. Broadband delivery models • Match Communities with appropriate models • Demand stimulation/aggregation • Build & Benefit • Partnership • Concession • DIY

  8. Do Nothing A community decides its preferred option is to support the existing Local Broadband Plan remedies Or the community is unable to secure sufficient support The default position

  9. Build & Benefit Community is willing to help deliver NGA E.g. civil engineering, way-leaves or additional funding Community happy to input and benefit from an improved service Open Access & ISPs delivered by LA partner Community Input with Local Authority Partners

  10. Partnership • The community want to raise some of the risk capital & expect an investment return Partners are needed to • Provide additional investment • Build & operate the network Open Access & ISPs delivered by partners Investment and Exit plans need to be considered Community Organisation

  11. Concession The community are able to raise all the risk finance They have no ambition to be a network operator • A concession is offered by the community to design, build and operate their network • The community must steer strategic decisions Open Access &ISPs delivered by the concession partner Investment and Exit plans need to be considered Community Organisation

  12. DIY The community are able to raise all of the finance They have a strong desire to be the network operator The community design, build & operate their own network Open Access & Service Providers delivered by the community Investment and Exit plans need to be considered Community Organisation

  13. Rural Broadband Fund • Bids to date • Disewired • Virgin connection • Uppingham • 30m Broadband Mast • Next round May 2012

  14. People recruit local digital champions who can help family, friends, neighbours get onlineand increase demand