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CAS 09/10

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CAS 09/10

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  1. CAS 09/10 Budget Targets ATC MEETING 4/14/09

  2. CAS Budget Staff • 2-6978 LoreenBrandes • 2-1887 Tracey Braile • 2-6953 Espie Fallon • 2-1325 Lorraine Lelong

  3. HOW were targets calculated? • Departmental lines & expenses evaluated over the last 3 years • Expense build up with no negatives for temporary savings ($78.1 M) • Available funds distributed to departments – your “piece of the pie” ($66.9 M) Each “pie” section represents the total expenses for a unit including PSR, PST, and OTPS 49 Individual units have each received their own budget target

  4. Distribution of Costs – CAS 09/10 Projection (Current as of 4/13/09)

  5. History • Previously, the College consolidated the net deficit centrally. This was paid via our IDC share for 06/07 and 07/08 resulting in a College IDC deficit at the start of each AY. • State budget reduction: CAS received a $4.8M budget cut. • The College is 98 % payroll.

  6. Definitions PSR: Personal Service Regular • This object code covers all regular personnel on State lines. The assigning and budgeting of lines, as part of the recruitment-hiring process, is an entire subject in its own right. Therefore, this guide will address only those aspects of this category that pertain to the reporting of payroll information. PST: Personal Service Temporary • This group is divided into two major subgroups. The first, 2000, covers all personnel hired on temporary lines paid by the State. It does not include personnel hired from such agencies as Manpower, Career Temps, etc., nor does it cover fees paid to consultants. Both these items are reported under Contractual Services. • The second group is 2600, Students. This covers all students hired through the Work/Study Program, as well as Graduate Assistants and Graduate Students.

  7. Definitions (continued) OTPS: Other Than Personal Services • Supplies & Expense, Travel, Contractual Services, Telephone, Library, Equipment CBM: Campus Budget Module of PeopleSoft • The CBM is the computer / online application where we enter budgeted amounts into PeopleSoft for the coming year, usually completed in April / May of the previous academic year. • CBM entries are transmitted to Albany and return to the campus as allocation for the following fiscal year. Therefore, any subsequent changes, revisions, updates will require journal entries.

  8. Tracking Payroll Your first line of defense against unnecessary deficit … Find PAYROLL ERRORS, request correction!

  9. SMRT SYSTEM (AES) SUMMARY SCREEN Provided courtesy of Accounting SMRT Training

  10. SMRT SYSTEM (AES) PAYROLL SCREEN (Each department has received at this meeting a printout of their departmental SMRT payroll screen as of 4/13/09. Please refer to the handout for details.) Provided courtesy of Accounting SMRT Training

  11. Tracking Expenses Your second line of defense against unnecessary deficit … Verify expenses!

  12. SMRT SYSTEM (AES) ACCOUNT DETAIL Provided courtesy of Accounting SMRT Training

  13. Important Information / Reminders • Requests to roll-over OTPS must be submitted by May 1, 2009. We will not be able to honor subsequent requests. • The OTPS roll-over is only valid for 08/09 and includes all OTPS. • Requests for payroll corrections and journal transfers will be forwarded to the Office of the Provost not more frequently than once per month. Payroll corrections can take 3 to 4 months to process, all will be completed by year end. • Authorization from the Dean for a department to spend does not automatically imply additional funding.

  14. Information (continued) • Always request email verification of additional funding from all sources. We will require a copy of each and every additional commitment you receive prior to taking action. • Payroll sanctions for 08/09 will be the responsibility of the relevant department. Payroll sanctions for future periods will remain on the State operating account. • An immediate hotline to HR is required for any reduction in FTE or termination of employment, please copy Tracey Braile and Lois Carter of our office on your email. The hotline must be followed by filing of the appropriate appointment form.

  15. Links Stony Brook Accounting Department – State Accounts SMRT TRAINING: (Next available 5/13/09)