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unit10. Agenda. Lesson 1. UNIT GOALS. 1. Warn about a possible risk 2. Debate the pros and cons of development 3. Describe a natural setting medications 4. Write about sceneries. Lesson 1. Lesson 2. Extended Exercises. Checkpoint. 3. 3. 3. Lesson 1. Lesson 1. Lead-in. Listening.

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  1. unit10

  2. Agenda Lesson 1 UNIT GOALS 1. Warn about a possible risk 2. Debate the pros and cons of development 3. Describe a natural setting medications 4. Write about sceneries Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Extended Exercises Checkpoint

  3. 3 3 3 Lesson 1 Lesson 1 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

  4. 3 Lead-in 1-Lead-in Sitcom: We Weren’t Going to Tell You This, But…? Exercise A Exercise B

  5. Exercise A 1-Exercise A Complete the sentences. Circle the correct answers. 1. Bob and Cheryl ask their friends’ opinions on the location for their ________. A. wedding B. honeymoon C. reception 2. The most important thing for Bob on their vacation is ________. A. good food B. a low airfare C. a nice bathroom and a TV 3. Paul says Tierra del Fuego is not ________ enough for a honeymoon. A. romantic B. beautiful C. far 4. Bob suggests they ________ for their honeymoon. A. go to a beach B. stay in town C. go skiing

  6. 1-Exercise B Exercise B Match each place with Paul’s description. ___ 1. “The scenery is extraordinary! The mountain ranges and national parks are breathtaking.” ___ 2. “They’re so lush.” ___ 3. “The island itself is pretty flat, but the beaches are beautiful and the ocean is so blue.” A. Cozumel B. Tierra del Fuego C. jungles and rain forests in Malaysia B C A

  7. 3 3 3 3 Listening 1-Listening Part 1 Is It Worth Seeing? Part 2 Getting Advice Part 3 Is It Dangerous? Part 4 Traveling Around New Words Phrases and Expressions Proper Names

  8. Part 1 Is It Worth Seeing? 1-Part-1 Explain the underlined phrases and expressions. 1. Good. I can’t wait. A. I’m very eager to see it. B. I have been waiting too long. 2. I’m sure you could handle both. A. can hold B. can do

  9. 1-Part-2 Part 2 Getting Advice Listen to the conversations. Answer the question with Yes or No. 1. Does the woman think the man should go to Wonder World? □ Yes □ No 2. Does the woman think the hotel is great? □ Yes □ No 3. Does the man think the woman should go to Pinewood? □ Yes □ No

  10. 1-Part-3 Part 3 Is It Dangerous? Listen to the conversations. Check if the speaker thinks the place is safe or dangerous. is completely safe. could be dangerous. 1. She thinks that swimming in the bay … □ □ 2. He thinks that hiking around the waterfall … □ □ 3. She thinks climbing the mountain … □ □ 4. He thinks swimming in the river … □ □

  11. 3 3 Part 4 Traveling Around 1-Part 4 Traveling Around Passage 1 Bullfighting Is in Her Blood Passage 2 Come “Fly” over the Rainforest Passage 3 Buckingham Palace

  12. 1-4-Passage-1 Passage 1 Bullfighting Is in Her Blood Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences. 1. Cristina’s father changed his mind because _______________________________________. 2. Cristina attends the most famous school in Spain to ________________________. 3. “_____________________________”, says Cristina, “it makes me try harder. I want those people to eat their words.” he saw that Cristina had bullfighting in her blood learn the ropes of bullfighting When I hear insults from the crowd

  13. Passage 2 Come “Fly” over the Rainforest 1-4-Passage-2 Listen to the passage and circle the letter that best completes each sentence. 1. On this trip you can learn about _________________________________. A. some great ecotourism destinations B. tour guides C. the ecology of Australia’s rainforests 2. A gondola is _________________________________. A. a rainforest animal B. a person who leads the tour C. a type of transportation

  14. 1-4-Passage-2 Passage 2 Come “Fly” over the Rainforest 3. On this trip, guests _________________________________ into the forest. A. do not go B. are lowered C. are raised 4. Rainforest Flyway encourages guests to _________________________________. A. follow a path to explore the rainforest B. make a new path in the rainforest C. take a souvenir from the rainforest 5. Tour guides can _________________________________. A. give you souvenirs B. make reservations for you C. teach you about the rainforest

  15. 1-4-Passage-3 Passage 3 Buckingham Palace Listen to the short passage and answer the following questions. 1. When are the State Rooms open to visitors? 2. What was the relationship between Queen Charlotte and George III? 3. Why did Buckingham become known as the Queen’s House? The State Rooms are open to visitors during the Annual Summer Opening in August and September. She was George III’s wife. George III bought Buckingham House for his wife to use as a comfortable family home, and 14 of George III’s 15 children were born in there.

  16. New Words 1-New Words ◆ bullfighter n. 斗牛士 ◆ bullfighting n. 斗牛(流行于西班牙和南美) ◆ doable adj. 可做的,可行的 ★ ecology n. 生态学 ◆ ecotourism n. 生态旅行 ◆ flyway n. 路径 footstep n. 脚步 furnish v. 布置,装备 ◆ gondola n. 长形平底船 ◆ halfway adv. 半路地,在中途

  17. New Words 1-New Words insult n. 侮辱 ◆ lavishly adv. 不吝惜的;丰富地 ◆ matador n. 斗牛士 slippery adj. (指物体表面)光滑的,滑的 ★ sovereign n. 最高统治者;君主;元首 ◆ undertow n. 回流;回头浪 ◆ waterfall n. 瀑布

  18. Phrases and Expressions 1-Phrases and Expressions eat one’s words 收回某人说过的话;食言 furnish with 为…提供某事物 give somebody the green light to do something 准许某人做某事,给某人正式的批 准 in one’s blood 在某人的血液当中(指一种某人似 乎生来就有的兴趣或技巧) in the public eye 众所周知的,出名的 joke around 开玩笑 learn the ropes 摸到窍门 on a regular basis 建立于稳定的基础上 watch out 当心;小心

  19. 1-Proper Names Proper Names Arenal Volcano 阿雷纳火山 Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫 Cairns 凯恩斯(澳大利亚地名) La Fortuna 拉夫提那(哥斯达黎加北部的一个小城) Las Vegas 拉斯维加斯(美国城市) Sorak Mountain 雪岳山(韩国山名)

  20. 3 Speaking 1-Speaking Warn About a Possible Risk Conversation Model Conversation Pair Work

  21. Conversation Model 1-Conversation-Model Read and listen. A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the beach? B: That way. It’s not very far. A: Thanks. Do you think the water’s too cold to go swimming? B: Not at all. But you should be careful. The undertow can be quite dangerous. A: Thanks for the warning. Rhythm and intonation practice

  22. Conversation Pair Work 1-Conversation Pair Work Role-play asking for directions to a place. Warn about possible risks or dangerous animals or insects. Use the pictures and the guide, or create a new conversation. Places to go the waterfall the path the cave the beach the cliffs A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to _______? B: _______ A: Thanks. B: But you should be careful. The_______ can be quite _______. A: ______… a jellyfish a snake a scorpion

  23. 3 3 3 Reading 1-Reading Topic Preview Text A Text B Vocabulary Exercise Vocabulary Activity

  24. Topic Preview 1-Topic Preview What do you know about the Victoria Falls? 

  25. 3 1-Text A Text A Text Comprehension Check

  26. Text A TA-Text-1 Read the web page. Then do the comprehension check. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world. The waterfall is almost 2 kilometers wide — one of the widest in the world. Now world famous, the waterfall is Africa’s number one tourist attraction. The area has been declared a national park and is protected form development. There are a number of ways to view the breathtaking scenery of the area. Enjoy the calm water of the Zambezi River several kilometers north of Victoria Falls. Take a cruise on the river and watch local wildlife in its natural environment. In contrast to the calm river north of the waterfall, the water south of it is fast, wild, and dangerous. For those who are very brave, this is one of the best places in the world for white-water rafting. But be careful, because it's too dangerous for people without experience to try.

  27. Text A TA-Text-2 There is a path through the rainforest near the falls for tourists. This lush jungle is home to a large variety of plants. Occasionally the path curves out of the rainforest to offer extraordinary views of the falls. If you're not afraid to fly, then a helicopter ride provides a fantastic view of everything: the calm river, the falls, and the wild water at the bottom of the falls. Give yourself several days to experience the area. You won't want to miss a thing!

  28. TA-Comprehension Check Comprehension Check Circle the letter that best completes each sentence. 1. It is now a national park, and there ____________ in this area. A. is no wildlife B. is no development C. are no tourists 2. Victoria Falls is ____________ the calm water of the Zambezi River. A. south of B. on the northern part of C. on the edges of 3. White-water rafting is ____________ for people without experience. A. especially enjoyable B. not recommended C. only 4. You can ____________ in the rainforest. A. swim B. walk C. live 5. A helicopter ride is not a good idea for visitors who ____________. A. do not like flying B. want a fantastic view C. usually travel by airplane

  29. 3 3 Text B 1-Text B Warm-up Text Comprehension Check Critical Thinking

  30. Warm-up TB-Warm-up 1. Have you ever heard about ecotourism? 2. Work in pairs or groups to list the synonyms for promise and peril.

  31. Text B TB-Text-1 ECOTOURISM Farming, wining, logging, and, hunting, are traditional approaches to economic development The Promise and Perils Worldwide, tourism generates annual revenues of nearly 3 trillion US dollars — nearly 11% of all global revenues — making it the world’s largest industry. In recent years, ecotourism — or environmentally friendly tourism — has grown in popularity, uniting the interests of both environmentalists and developers. However, finding a compromise between the environment and development is often challenging, and ecotourism can actually cause additional problems for the very regions it is supposed to protect.

  32. Practically speaking, ecotourism includes activities in which visitors enjoy hands-on experiences, such as bird-watching in the Brazilian rainforest, hiking in the mountains of Nepal, participating in a traditional village celebration, or taking a canoe trip down a river. Local guides usually accompany small groups of tourists, teaching them all about local plants and animals and the culture of the region. Tourists typically stay with local families, or at small, environmentally friendly hotels. The cross-cultural exchange that is part of the experience adds greatly to its value for many people. Ecotourism also encourages the development of native handicrafts and artwork for souvenirs, and thus contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage. Ecotourism presents an alternative to traditional approaches to economic development, such as farming, logging, mining, or hunting. It offers local people the chance to escape a cycle of poverty and, by sharing theirknowledge of the local terrain and ecology with visitors, to develop a stronger sense of community pride. Text B TB-Text-2

  33. However, ecotourism is not always beneficial to local people and the ecology. Any increase in population, however temporary, produces larger amounts of waste and pollution and can require more development. Tourist overcrowding is causing severe environmental damage to the Galapagos Islands, for example. Tourists who go to view wildlife can scare animals away from their feeding and nesting sites. Tourism may even encourage the development of markets in wildlife souvenirs (skins, bones, etc.) which further damages the environment. Text B TB-Text-3

  34. Comprehension Check TB-Comprehension Check Based on the information in the article, put a tick (√) before the statements that are True. Correct the statements that are False. □ 1. Tourism generates nearly 3 billion U.S. dollars every year. 2. Bird-watching, canoeing, and hiking are examples of ecotourist activities. 3. Ecotourism discourages native handicrafts and artwork. 4. Ecotourism is always good for the ecology. 5. Cross-cultural exchange is a valuable part of the ecotourist experience. Worldwide tourism generates nearly 3 trillion US dollars every year. □ □ Ecotourism encourages native handcrafts and artwork. □ Ecotourism is not always good for the ecology. □

  35. TB-Critical Thinking Critical Thinking 1. List ways in which ecotourism is beneficial to the people and the local economy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Write some reasons why ecotourism is not always beneficial. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It offers local people a chance to escape the cycle of poverty. It helps develop a stronger sense of community pride. Ecotourism sometimes brings larger amounts of waste and pollution. It encourages the development of markets in wildlife souvenirs that can cause damage to the wildlife and the environment.

  36. Vocabulary Exercise 1-Vocabulary Exercises Complete the sentences with proper words or phrases. environment environmentally-friendly cross-cultural exchange cultural heritage environmental damage ecotourism environmentalists developers 1. There are a number of things people can do to protect the _______________. 2. What can we do to build more _____________________ hotels? 3. More can be done to prevent _____________________. 4. If the government encouraged more _______________, the local economy might benefit. environment environmentally-friendly environmental damage ecotourism

  37. Vocabulary Exercise 1-Vocabulary Exercises environment environmentally-friendly cross-cultural exchange cultural heritage environmental damage ecotourism environmentalists developers 5. One of the benefits of having local people and tourists talk to each other is the ____________________ that occurs. 6. _______________ are interested in building more hotels on the island. 7. Having local artisans show tourists how they make their arts and crafts is a good way to preserve their _____________________. 8. _____________________ are concerned that the government is not serious about reducing the number of tourists to the area. cross-cultural exchange Developers cultural heritage Environmentalists

  38. cliff beach sea bay lake mountainous path forest swimming gulf dangerous animals canyon valley exhausting rocky steep foggy slippery dark snake scary arid hilly flat lush waterfall spectacular scorpion shark jellyfish mosquito undertow breathtaking Vocabulary Activity 1-Vocabulary Activity Brainstorm English words you may use in a tour. Use a dictionary to complete the chart. a mountain an island cliff, mountainous, canyon, valley, rocky, steep, slippery, hilly, waterfall sea, lake, undertow, foggy

  39. Vocabulary Activity 1-Vocabulary Activity a cave a jungle path, forest, dangerous, animals, exhausting, snake, scorpion, mosquito, breathtaking, lush scary, dark, arid the ocean beach, bay, swimming, gulf, shark, spectacular, flat, jellyfish

  40. 3 3 1-Writing Writing A Spectacular Place Step 1 Prewriting Step 2 Pair Work Step 3 Writing

  41. Step 1 Prewriting 1-Step1 Prewriting On your notepad, write a spectacular place. Write about a place you have visited. What does it look like? What can you do there? NEED HELP? Here’s language you already know: It is in the North / on the coast. It is located on the _________ river. It is south of _________ . It is in the central part of _________.

  42. 1-Step 2 Pair Work Step 2 Pair Work Tell your partner about the place you wrote about on the notepad.

  43. Step 3 Writing 1-Step 3 Writing Write about the most spectacular place you have ever visited or someplace you would like to go. Include pictures if you can. Reference Sample The West Lake Located in the center of Hangzhou China, the West Lake is one of the most famous sceneries. I went to visit there once. A local friend told me that the lake is more beautiful in the evening and night time than in the day, with sparkling lights around the bank and dragon ships decorated with lights cruising on the water. When I visited the West Lake it was raining. I found it amazing because it seemed that everything was wrapped like a mysterious blanket in a foggy silk. The West Lake in the rain looks like a fairy bathing in the Moon light. When I described that to my friend she told me that the West Lake looks absolutely stunning when it is snowing! I really hope I can see that one day, but sadly, it seldom snows in Southern China.

  44. 3 3 3 Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

  45. Lead-in 3 2-Lead-in Sitcom: A Surprise Wedding Gift Exercise A Exercise B

  46. Exercise A 2-Exercise A Check whether each statement is true (T) or flase (F). T F 1. Marie said Bob wanted to go to Tahiti. □ □ 2. Bob and Cheryl cannot afford to travel to Tahiti. □ □ 3. Bob and Cheryl will pay part of the cost of the trip to Tahiti. □ □ 4. They will stay at the hotel in Tahiti for two weeks. □ □ 5. Bob is happy with the hotel in Tahiti. □ □

  47. Exercise B 2-Exercise B What does each person say about Tahiti? Match each line with the person who says it. A. Marie B. Mr. Evans C. Paul ____1. “One of the most beautiful places on earth.” ____2. “And very, very romantic.” ____3. “You would love Tahiti.” C A B

  48. 3 3 3 Listening 2-Listening Part 1 Attention All Hikers Part 2 Julie’s Tour Part 3 Traveling Around New Words Phrases and Expressions Proper Names

  49. Part 1 Attention All Hikers 2-Part-1 Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks with what you hear. 1. Hiking is great exercise but can also be _____________. 2. You have to take plenty food because a long hike can be _____________. 3. Animals living in the cave might attack you if you happen to go into there because ______________________________. 4. Be careful if you hike in the morning because ________________ and it can be difficult to see. dangerous exausting they will fight to protect their territory sometimes it is foggy

  50. Part 2 Julie’s Tour 2-Part-2 Listen to the passage and circle the letter that best completes each sentence. 1. There is a waterfall and a __________ at Miso-ha. A. cave B. cliff C. canyon 2. The path to the waterfall can be __________. A. slippery B. exhausting C. foggy 3. Palenque is __________. A. a must-see B. breathtaking C. in the jungle 4. Sumidero Canyon __________. A. has lush plant life B. is good for swimming C. has caves

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