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  1. Charters

  2. Charter Objectives • Upon Completion of This Module You Will: • Know what a Charter is • Learn the Purpose of a Charter • Know Who Creates the Charter • Know the Process to Create a Charter

  3. What Is A Charter? • A Document Which Identifies the Kaizen Event • Describes the scope, deliverables, goals, process, and expectations of a working group • A written commitment approved by management stating the scope of authority for an improvement project or team

  4. Purpose Of The Charter • Identifies and Communicates details of the Kaizen Event to team members • Establishes Event Boundaries • Defines the training needed • Provides an understanding of what needs to be improved and the expected results • Identifies how results will be measured

  5. Who Creates The Charter? • Sponsor, Process Owner, and Team Leader create a proposed Charter • Facilitator and VSM assist • Kaizen Team, Process Owner, and Sponsor must reach consensus on the Final Charter • Facilitator and VSM assist

  6. Process To Create A Charter • Schedule 1st Kaizen Charter Meeting • 2 Weeks prior to Kaizen Event • Sponsor, Process Owner, Team Leader, Facilitator & VSM

  7. Process To Create A Charter • Fill in Mission-Charter Block • Identify Lean Event and Purpose of the Event • Describe Why the Team is Being Formed • Establish Boundaries of the Process • Describe What the Team Will Accomplish

  8. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Discuss Training Modules required for the team • Maybe a few or all the available modules • List the Training Modules in the block • Examples: 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Standardized Work, Visual Controls, Functional Layout, Supermarkets, Metrics etc.

  9. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • List Goals to be met by the Kaizen Event • Ask “How does this effort support the vision and goals of SWRMC?” • SWRMC Goals Are: • Increase Mission Readiness, Improve Response Time, Reduce Downtime, Reduce Overall Repair Costs, Improve Quality, Decrease Contractor Support Costs

  10. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Complete Approach and Milestones block • List activities that will occur during the Event • A Typical Event Could Include (examples): • Learn Lean Tools • Identify Root Cause of all problem areas • Create Current and Future State Maps • Measure all activities to be improved • Create Implementation Plan • Establish Standardized Work

  11. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Time, Dates, and Location of the Event • Enter Date Kaizen Event Begins and Ends • Enter Daily Start and Stop Times • Enter Building #, Workspace, Room #

  12. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Fill in Team Resources: • Define Sponsor and Process Owner. • Identify Team Leader • List Team Members • Who will facilitate the team? • Are participants full or part time?

  13. Process to create a charter (cont’d) • Team Process • Process Item • Details all Meetings the Team Will Attend • Examples: Team Meetings, Updating Implementation Plan, Sponsor Update Meetings, Generation of Status Reports • Frequency That They Occur • How often they occur (daily, weekly, monthly) • Audience and Distribution • Who will attend the meeting or receive reports .

  14. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Deliverables • List items • Some Types of Deliverables • Value Stream Map, Implementation Plan, Standardized Work Development, Metrics, etc

  15. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Metrics • Why Metrics are Important • See if things are improving • What will we Measure? • Examples: Lead Time, Cycle Time, First Pass Yield, Man-hours, Cost Savings, .

  16. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Key Customers and Suppliers • Identify External and Internal Customers • Check the appropriate relationship boxes • Check the box if customer is affected economically, operationally, or as a user

  17. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Assumptions • What will be assumed regarding the event? • Examples: Time will be allocated to this process improvement, No CASREPTSwill be considered, Funding will be available, (whatever applies to the process)

  18. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Internal Issues: • Areas that may be affected by potential changes • Is representation required by those areas? • Are there any barriers or monuments? • External Issues: • Identify any External Issues which may impact the event

  19. Process To Create A Charter (cont’d) • Risks: • List possible risks which could occur • Ask “What is the risk of doing this?” • Ask “What is the risk of not doing this?”

  20. Final Charter Review • 2nd Kaizen Charter Meeting • One week prior to Kaizen Event • Include all Team Members, Sponsor, Process Owner, Team Leader, Facilitator, & VSM • Finalize Charter • Discuss/review proposed Charter • Team Members, Sponsor, Process Owner and Team Leader reach consensus on charter content • Provide copies to all participants

  21. Charter Examples



  24. Reverse Distance Support Team Charter

  25. Reverse Distance Support Team Charter (Cont’d)