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Climate Change

Climate Change

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Climate Change

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  1. ClimateChange • By: • Alejandro Boza • Mariamalia Valverde • Daniel Marín

  2. Introduction: Today’s environment suffers a lot of problems that causes a lot of damaging things for our environment. We have to take care of this and measure the magnitude of this big problems. Most Important Problems for Environment: • Air Pollution • Global Warming • Water Pollution • Ozone Depletion • Climate Changes

  3. Climate Change: • Is all the meteorological changes that characterized on region in a certain time. • Is the change in the weather of an specific region.

  4. What is paleoclimatology? Is the study of climate, it goes from the corals or count the rings of the trees to determine the age of it. This is to have an proximity of what occurred on earth millions of years ago.

  5. Causes: • Plate Tectonic • Solar Output • Orbital Variations • Human Influences • Ocean Variability

  6. By the intense moving of the tectonics plates, the earth had some changes like the Topography of a place in specific. It forms the mountains. • Plate Tectonics:

  7. The sun is the predominant source of ligth energy for earth. The solar output affects the earth because of the UV rays, it cause the damage of the ozone layer. The sun emits certain amount of ray to the space, but between 2007- 2010 the sun increase the expulsion of gases in a 10%. • Solar Output:

  8. Are the variations of the earth`s orbit. There are two types of orbital variations that are: • Eccentricity: Is the changes in the axis of the earth. • Procession: It affects the rotation of the earth . • Orbital Variations:

  9. Contamination: The contamination caused by the humans , cause every day a animal dead, because all the smoke produce by the cars, factories and a lot of things more. • HumanInfluences:

  10. Ocean Variability: Is the variations on the tides of the ocean depending on the year, it will be higher if there is the phenomenon La Niña and is little if the phenomenon El Niño.

  11. Effects: • Global Warming • Natural Disasters • Greenhouse Effect

  12. Is the increase in the temperature of a certain region caused by the using the aerosols, the deforestation, the contamination and the majority cause of it the fossil fuels. • Global warming:

  13. Natural disasters:

  14. Weather's Causes • Weather occurs primarily due to density • The atmosphere lets the sun's heat and light pass through.

  15. Effects in Humans: The effect of the weather in humans would be the natural disaster. That can cause human deaths or people harm and can destroy things like houses. Also can harm human by extremely temperatures.

  16. THANK YOU!