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plagiarism checker free

plagiarism checker free

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plagiarism checker free

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  1. Website: Keyword: plagiarism checker free Title: 7 Brilliant Tips for Drafting a Flawless Essay Each teacher gives an assignment at the end of the day. An essay assignment acts like an added burden for most students as they lack the required skills. Many students use tools like essay maker and plagiarism checker for drafting error-free papers without much hassle. While essays help students develop a comprehensive understanding of a topic, 90% of them find them troublesome and exceedingly tedious. Tools like essay writers and plagiarism checkers can create error-free essays and save students from embarrassing grades and long writing processes. However, surveys show that students are not fond of essay assignments because they don’t know the right approach to tackle the task. That’s why we have come up with this guide with some useful writing tips to help you write an impressive essay on your own. Tip 1: Understand the essay prompt:

  2. Before you begin your paper, analyse your essay prompt and understand what you have to do • with it. You will fail to secure good grades if you fail to answer the main question. Read the prompt twice or thrice to determine – • Your essay topic • Research method • Essay length • Factual details and research data • The relevance of the topic with your coursework Tip 2: Write a strong thesis statement: Your thesis statement helps your readers understand what your paper is about and what they can expect ahead. A thesis statement generally involves two or three lines describing the crucial points of the essay. You can refer to it from time to time to check if you have covered the primary topics. Tip 3: Draft an essay outline: When you organise a birthday party, what do you start with – a plan, right? Similarly, chalk out an essay outline to go about the assignment systematically. You can create subheadings and write the points, or draw out branches, whichever you find comfortable. Tip 4: Write your essay: Most students get bogged down when they come to this stage of the essay. Here's a pro tip for you – don't start with the introduction. We understand you want to create a perfect introduction,

  3. to begin with. But hold on. Start with the body paragraphs. Refer to your outline and cover all the points. Once you've completed the entire piece, go back to your introduction. Tip 5: Don’t fake it: Your essay should represent your ideology and viewpoint of a subject. Provide contextual facts to support your initial idea. Don't write meaningless paragraphs merely to meet the word count. Every section should be connected and make sense. Tip 6: Research from verified sources only: You can successfully create a good quality paper if you provide truthful information from credible websites. Check verified websites, research papers from reputed scholars, textbooks, academic papers, and the like for real data. You can check Google Scholar to gather credible sources. Tip 7: Edit to make it perfect: Read and reread your essay to ensure every sentence is sensible and the paragraphs have a natural flow. Don't overlook grammar, spelling, and other details. Delete any irrelevant examples and try to improve expressions by enhancing the quality of your presentation. You may dislike the task to the core, but essay assignments will always remain a core part of your academic curriculum. So start practicing to make the process less of a nightmare.

  4. Summary: Students are overburdened with countless assignments and other academic commitments. Yet, they must hone their essay writing skills for a better theoretical perspective. This article discusses some practical tips for completing an essay writing task without any hassle. Author bio: Sheryl Harper is a top-ranked essay writer at She is also a part-time software developer and has developed academic tools like word counter, essay maker, and plagiarism checker. These are free and available online for everyone’s use.