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www.enfren.com jong@enfren.com Registered Patent

www.enfren.com jong@enfren.com Registered Patent. Product Comparison. The Summary of products. Strong point of product. Power Control switch. Slim Design & FLEXIBILITY. LIGHTING MARKET. Specification. Main Features. 1. The Summary of products.

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www.enfren.com jong@enfren.com Registered Patent

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  1. www.enfren.comjong@enfren.com Registered Patent

  2. Product Comparison The Summary of products Strong point of product Power Control switch Slim Design & FLEXIBILITY LIGHTING MARKET Specification Main Features

  3. 1. The Summary of products ▪ Inner equip with the LED of total 21 units ofSeoul Semiconductor (Made in Korea LED chip. ) ▪ The maximum brightness on the surface of LED is 850 LUX ▪ Semi-Permanent life( more over 30,000 hours) ▪ Electric Consumption is 8w ( about 1/3 level against existing lighting fixtures) Equipping with the high brilliant LED products Equip with the filter of dazzling protection ▪ Studying Efficiency and the effect of the fatigue prevention for the eye.

  4. 2. Product Comparison ▪ Because of, the above 3 bulbs are very sensitive against the change of Voltage and the electric current, there is a difficult demerit to make fill the full life time. ▪ In case of LED, Nothing problem on the above (there is only one changing phenomenon of the brightness of the lighting instantaneously).

  5. 3. LIGHTING MARKET ▪ The Scale of Lighting Source for Lighting in the world: US$ a hundred billion -Osram, GE, Phillips : occupy market share of 70~80% against total market. -The Scale of LED market among them :  2005 year ( four billion dollar), 2010 year (twelve billion dollar) forecasting. ▪ The Scale of the Domestic Lighting Market:  two trillion Won-Korean currency( 80 % depend on the import). -The Scale of LED market among them : six hundred billion Won (Korean currency). ▪ The Market of an incandescent lamp in 2007, The Market of a fluorescent light in 2012, Substitute the LED lighting for all Lighting Market in 2020. ▪ The Scale of the high brilliant LED Market in 2007 is about three thousand seven hundred million US$ ( Two times growth against one thousand eight hundred million US$ in 2002). ▪ The Emitting Light effect have been increased by 30 times every per 10 years of the technical growth rate and the price come down as the 1/10 level per every 10 years. ▪ The Market leading company: Osram, Phillips, Nichia, Toyona, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor ( eight rank in the world) etc. ▪ The Development of the Lighting Market in Korea. -Make planning to save one trillion and one hundred sixty billion Won (Korean currency). -The subject of controlling size for 0.3 x 0.3 mm2. -Expecting that keep all most same techniques as the Japanese which has the original techniques until 2010.

  6. 4. Strong point of product ▪ The Energy savings are excellent due to the electric consumption is low. ▪ Semi-permanent life without changing the Lamp. ▪ Comparing with the general Lamp, New concept lighting lamp with no radiation of the Mercury and the Ultraviolet rays. ▪ No risk for damages due to the surface of LED Lamp covered with Plastic.

  7. 5. Slim Design • Designed Slim in Little space taken for placing it

  8. 6. The filter of dazzling protection 1) Diffusive Polarizing film protects eyesight against dazzle by fluorescent light, direct and indirect. (desk floor or book). 2) Soft light by Polarizing film can make your eyes feel more comfortable. LED Lamp with Special Polarized filter

  9. 7. FLEXIBILITY • Easy Operation of lighting Angle adjustment thanks to • three-flexible joints. • *Head Left-Right: 270˚ / Head Up-Down: 220˚ • *Middle Joint: 220˚ / Bottom Joint: 110˚ • *Folded Size : H 19cm x W 18cm x L 28cm

  10. 8. Specification

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