student centric is the core mantra of new age teaching and learning n.
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Student Centric is the core mantra of new age Teaching and L PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Centric is the core mantra of new age Teaching and L

Student Centric is the core mantra of new age Teaching and L

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Student Centric is the core mantra of new age Teaching and L

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  1. It is time to explore how to make the best of the opportunity in the field of education. Here are the times where learner chooses when, where, what and how to learn. It is an informed decision taken by the learner and education is centered on what the student wants to learn. India has become the most sought after global market since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has placed great thrust on the "Make in India" initiative. Out of several domains that are expected to see high growth rates, Education is a domain with huge opportunities. Progress in the education domain results in employable work force made available for various other domains. Research on the Indian Education Market proposes a doubled up growth rate in the coming years. Student Centric is the core mantra of new age Teaching and Learning

  2. Imparting and evaluating education is changing in India in line with the global trend. The certificate of passing holds no value unless the individual proves to have acquired the relevant skills as per the certification. Communication skills, analytical skills and team spirit are some of the other most sought after skills by today’s employers. Hence it becomes mandatory that the education providers offer what the industry needs rather than churning out graduates with no employability. Hence the focus of education should not be limited to literacy of people but extend to educate them instead. It is a well known fact today, that most of the employers in India are multinational companies. They are into several domains including technology, education, banking; health and agriculture. The work force they are looking for is highly competent, communicative and techno savvy. However all Indian Schools, colleges and Universities are not geared up to impart the expected quality and employability to their students. There are very few educational institutes that meet the global standards of employability in their students.

  3. It is a great concern that none of the Indian universities find place in Global University Rankings. There are several factors that contribute to this status. Lack of Infrastructure, qualified faculty, research funds and genuine research, top the list of the factors. It is a fact that most of the education in varied fields is not made available to the millions of rural Indians due to long distance, lack of finance and awareness. This can be amended with the help of ICT, best of the teachers in most sought after fields can reach all these remote living Indian youth through Technology and internet. It is proven that, the quality of teaching, learning, managing educational institutes will enhance through the use of ICT (Information and communication technology). This will alter the age old Teacher centric education towards the most sought after and most effective Student-centric methodology. This facilitates interactive learning, flexible learning and enhance the quality of learning environment. This interactive process of teaching will excite, invite and encourage more students to participate. It will be a voluntary learning and exploring of one’s own potential.

  4. There are many Schools, Colleges and Universities that are willing to take the steps towards adding value through technology. And at the same time there are number of service providers offering high quality technology products and committed services in the Education Domain. MGRM Net Limited is one of the pioneers in this field with their tried and tested research based education expert systems.