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Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella

Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella

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Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella

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  1. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella

  2. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella 2 Fold Umbrella (21 inch) Be it a rainy day or a sunny day, an umbrella is always a must. You need to keep it handy to protect yourself from scorching heat and heavy downpours. We might find it difficult to carry an umbrella wherever we go but it is an essential item when it comes to unforeseen weather conditions. We know the primary use of an umbrella is to protect us from harsh weather. But, how about using umbrellas as a marketing tool? We bring you this 21 inches 2 fold umbrella in different colours that can be customised to meet your marketing needs.  An umbrella is a great promotional tool because it has practical usage and everyone needs it. People appreciate companies that use umbrellas for promotional gifts. It speaks a lot about the organisation. Companies that choose umbrellas for corporate gifting are regarded as kind and generous with their gifts. It also reflects how smartly your company thinks and can get creative with something as ordinary as an umbrella. You can choose a colour that best describes your purpose and goes well with the logo of your company. These branded umbrellas can work as walking advertisements for your company. No matter where they go, they will be a point of conversation among the people.  So, gain more attention for your business in the most economical way with custom printed umbrellas. Features: Premium quality material Durable handle 21-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable

  3. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella 2 Fold Umbrella (24 inch) Monsoon is the time when having an umbrella becomes a basic necessity. Without it, you will not be able to lead a normal life in the entire season. Hence, buying a good umbrella is a good investment to make. Not just for individuals, even business must invest in good quality umbrellas to ensure that their employees, customers and vendors are safe and protected from rains. If you are planning to invest in a good quality umbrella, this 24 inch 2 fold umbrella is an ideal choice. It is big enough to protect you and still easily portable. You can carry it wherever you go. You can customise the umbrella with your logo. It will appear on alternate panels, giving your brand very good visibility. The good quality of the umbrella gives you lasting durability, helping you stay visible to your customers for a long time.  If you are already convinced about the use of promotional products for brand promotion and customer retention, we suggest you must consider this product. The high utility and good brand mobility will give your brand a good amount of exposure. Just upload your logo or design and we will print the customised umbrellas for you.  Features: Premium quality material Durable handle 24-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable

  4. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella Umbrella with Long Wooden Handle (23 inch) Weather conditions are unpredictable. It can force you to make sudden changes in your plan. But to avoid any such situation, we bring you these cool unisex umbrellas from Natural. Umbrellas protect you from scorching heat as well as heavy rains. They are functional across the seasons. They are perfect for everyday travelling. You can carry them to the office on a rainy day or to the market on a hot sunny day. This is the speciality of umbrellas. This umbrella is a perfect outdoor companion. It is made using premium quality material that provides durability to the product. The handles of the umbrellas are made from wood, giving them an aesthetic touch. Anyone who would carry it will look very cool and stylish. This umbrella is very lightweight. You can easily slip it into your bags as it takes very minimal space. The umbrella opens easily without any delay. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easier to get a grip on it. The umbrella is available in five different colours. We offer customised umbrellas for brand promotion. They are classic promotional products that will work supremely well in your company’s favour.  Everyone likes umbrellas as they are highly functional. It makes them universally accepted promotional gifts. So, buy these to spread the word about your brand.  Features: Premium quality material Durable long wooden handle 23-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable

  5. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella Umbrella with Long Metal Handle (23 inch) No matter what, one thing will never cease to be obsolete and that is an umbrella. It has been used for ages and is still very much relevant. Thanks to its functionality. Umbrellas are useful throughout the year and people all around the globe use an umbrella in their everyday lives. From hot sunny afternoons to drizzling evenings, an umbrella can protect you from the extreme weather. This is the beauty of umbrellas. Therefore, we introduce you to this metal handle umbrella with a 23-inch arch that protects you from heavy downpours as well as scorching heat. It is a perfect travel umbrella, very easy to carry, and highly portable. The lightweight and good grip of the metal handle makes it an ideal choice for any kind of weather condition.  The umbrella is built with very durable material, which wouldn't let the water leak through it, and comes with a strong and sturdy handle that keeps protecting you even when there are strong winds. The umbrellas are unisex with a very simple and sophisticated design so that people from different backgrounds can use them every day.  You can customise the umbrellas with your brand name and logo or any other information of your choice, depending on your requirement. Branded umbrellas make a great promotional gift. They please customers and employees of all age groups, gender, class, and professions. So, place your order now and try this cost-efficient promotional product to get some amazing leads for your business. Features: Premium quality material Durable long metal handle 23-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable Aesthetic design

  6. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella FiberUmbrella(24 inch) Umbrella is mostly used in monsoon, but it is a highly useful product that can be used even during summers. In a tropical country like India, where we have ample of sunlight, umbrellas can be used throughout the year. And that is why umbrellas are considered to be a great product that can be used for commercial purposes. A lot of brands have understood the necessity or usefulness of promotional products and they have started investing in good quality branded merchandise. If you are one of these companies, this 24 inch umbrella is a good pick for you. It is a highly useful product that also has good visibility. Hence, it will act as long time investment. Say a person uses this umbrella for at least a year before switching to another one, you can get visibility for at least one year. You can get the umbrellas delivered wherever you are located. Just place the order from the comfort of your homes and we will deliver the customised umbrellas directly to your doorstep. The process of customising is also simple. You just need to follow all the upload guidelines and add the logo or other design that you want to be printed. Features: Premium quality material 24-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable

  7. Custom Printed Promotional Umbrella KargilUmbrella (23 inch) Have you wondered why umbrellas are so popular? It is because of their high functionality. Umbrellas are used for several reasons. They protect you from extreme weather conditions like heavy downpours and direct sunlight. Umbrellas are a must, especially to gear up for unforeseen weather conditions. They are also used as a fashionable accessory. A lot of people like to carry an umbrella with them because it makes a statement. Therefore, we bring you this Kargil Umbrella for your everyday usage. It has a 23-inch arch that gives full coverage and protects you against heat and rain. It has a long and sturdy handle for good grip. This prevents the umbrella from blowing away during strong winds. The umbrella is very lightweight and portable. The sleek and stylish design gives it a very vintage look that compliments your overall personality. The material of the umbrella is very durable and prevents any leakage of water during heavy rainfall. This is a perfect travel umbrella for office goers or college students who have to step out quite frequently. You can even customise the umbrellas for promotional or corporate gifting purposes. Promotional umbrellas are one of the best gifts that your clients, employees, or anyone would like. So, select the colour, upload your logo, add quantity, and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Features: Premium quality material Durable long handle 23-inch arch Available in 5 colors Affordable Aesthetic design