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Humanities @ Fairfield PowerPoint Presentation
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Humanities @ Fairfield

Humanities @ Fairfield

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Humanities @ Fairfield

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  1. Humanities @ Fairfield

  2. Humanities Education @ Fairfield Pure Geography

  3. Equipping Fairsians : Different lenses to view the world

  4. Why Study the Humanities? Social Studies - Some Syllabus Aims • Understand issues that affect the socio-economic development, the governance and the future of Singapore • Develop thinking and process skills which areessential for lifelong and independent learning • Develop students into responsible citizens witha global perspective

  5. Why Study the Humanities? Social Studies - Themes Explored Understanding Governance  Conflict & Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies Managing International Relations Sustaining Economic Development  Facing Challenges & Change (lessons from Venice)

  6. Why Study the Humanities? History - Some Syllabus Aims • Understand international affairs and theforces that shaped twentieth-century world history • Process historical information • Understand points of views in History • Develop critical and creative thinking

  7. Why Study the Humanities? History - Themes Explored  Establishing Peace (e.g. League of Nations)  Rise of authoritarian regimes (Case studies ofCommunist Russia, Nazi Germany & Fascist Japan)  War in Europe  War in the Asia Pacific

  8. Why Study the Humanities? Geography - Some Syllabus Aims • Develop an understanding of the processesaffecting the physical and human environments • Develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the humanhabitat • Develop awareness of contrasting opportunitiesand constraints which people face in local, regional and global environments

  9. Why Study the Humanities? Geography - Themes Explored Natural Vegetation  Rivers & Coasts  Plate Tectonics & Resulting Landforms (FullGeog only)  Geography of Food Development  Industries & Tourism (Full Geog only)

  10. ‘O’/ ‘N’ Level Assessment Social Studies 1 Source-based 1 Structured- Total: 50% (1 paper - 1.5 hr) question (25%) essay question (25%) History Elective 1 Source-based 1 Structured- Total: 50% (1 paper - 1.5 hr) question (25%) essay question (25%) Geography 1 Physical Geog 1 Human Geog Total: 50% Elective Structured Structured (1 paper - 1.5 hr) question (25%) question (25%) Full 2 Physical Geog 2 Human Geog Total: 100% Geography Structured Structured (2 papers; questions (50%) questions (50%) 1.5 hr each)

  11. Sample - Source-based Question What is the message of thecartoon? Explain youranswer.

  12. Sample - Source-based Question Higher ERP rates for Central Business District and Orchard Road comeinto effect. ERP Why do you think the cartoonist drew this cartoon?Explain your answer.

  13. Sample - Source-based Question Source E From the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech, 17 August 2008 Do you believe what this source says about who is responsible for the falling fertility rate in Singapore?Explain your answer.

  14. Approach to the Humanities (1) Constructing Knowledge - e.g. relationships and interactions between & within physical and human phenomena (2) Developing Skills - e.g. extracting & interpreting information from sources/data;analyse & evaluate sources (3) Imparting Values - e.g. respect and value diverse perspectives and cultural and historicalbackgrounds of people, and work towardspeaceful relationships

  15. The Humanities hones 21st C Competencies

  16. Clarifying Misconceptions • “I don’t need to put in effort in CombinedHumanities since I don’t have to count it as a subject for polytechnic admission.” Fact: The score in Humanities subject (e.g. Combined Humanities, Full Geography) needs tobe included for admission to many popular coursesin the polytechnic such as business, banking, finance, accountancy, human resource management, hospitality, tourism & resortmanagement, mass communications, psychologicalstudies.(Note: Humanities subject MUST beincluded in computation of L1R5 for JC admission)

  17. Ngee Ann Poly COP 2012 Course Cut-off Point (2012) Accountancy 11 Arts Business Management 9 Banking and Financial Services 9 Business & Social Enterprise 12 Business Studies 11 International Business 6 International Supply Chain 16 Management Tourism & Resort Management 10 * Combined Humanities, Full Geog are relevant subjectsrequired to be included in L1R2B2 for these courses

  18. Ngee Ann Poly COP 2012 Course Cut-off Point (2012) Mass Communications 10 Psychology Studies 9 Advertising & Public Relations 12 Chinese Media & 12 Communications Child Psychology & Early 12 Education Early Childhood Education 14 * Combined Humanities, Pure Geog are relevant subjects required to be included in L1R2B2 for these courses

  19. Clarifying Misconceptions • “I’ve been faring poorly in CombinedHumanities since Sec 3. I’m not going to dowell in the subject at the O levels.” Fact: This is an excuse and reflects a defeatistmentality. There are numerous cases of Fairsiansfrom across classes jumping many grades from Prelim to O Level - yes, even from F9 to A1! But…not by luck! Sheer hard work, effort andperspiration!

  20. How to do well in the Humanities? • NOT rote learning or blind memorisation • Important to comprehend content (pay attention inclass, participate in discussions; regular revision) • Practise skills taught diligently • Timed practices (build stamina) • Meet teacher for consultation/feedback on practices done • Be up-to-date in current affairs • Be eager to discuss local & global issues and listen to others’ perspectives

  21. Humanities Department’s Strategy • Additional teacher for selected classes (wheremanpower allows) for more focused coaching • Extended curriculum on Mondays (to pave the way for more revision time in Term 3) • Make practice questions readily available(Humanities Revision Booklets) • Provide adequate practice and timely feedback

  22. Humanities Department’s Strategy • Mid-Year Examination in May (full papers) • Mock Examination for Social Studies, HistElective, Geog Elective and Full Geog (in July) • Preliminary Examination in Aug • Structured small group consultations byHumanities teachers

  23. How you can partner us • Monitor effort put in by your child - timely completion of assignments; attendance forremedials / consultations; do timed practices • Encourage your child not to give up • Discuss current affairs / share perspectives withyour child • Encourage your child to read the newspapers

  24. How you can partner us • Let’s not be short-sighted. The Humanities has much long-term value in your child’seducation and life. “Singapore must harness the value of the socialsciences to tackle the challenges that the countryfaces. That's because problems have become more complex.” - S R Nathan (17 March 2012)

  25. Our Contacts Class Comb Humanities:SS/Geog Comb Humanities: SS/Hist 4A MrsChoe MrEzal and MsSalimah 4B MrEzal and MsSalimahl MrsChoe 4C Ms Tan and Mr Wee Mrs Li and MsSalimah 4D Ms Tan and Mr Wee Mrs Li and MsSalimah 4E MrsJasmin Oh - 4F MrsChoe Mrs Li 4G Mr Wee MrEzal 5A Mr Wee MrVenket Class Full Geography 4A MrsChoe 4B MrsChoe

  26. Our Contacts Teacher Email Address MrsChoe Mrs Jasmin Oh Ms Tessa Tan Mr Wee GY MrEzal Mrs Li Xuemei MrVenket