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Vintage Style Home Decoration

The most important thing about vintage style home decoration is to find a great source.

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Vintage Style Home Decoration

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  1. The most important thing about vintage style home decoration is to find a great source. You'll need to find your local antique store, thrift shop, vintage store, flea market or car boot sale, try them all out and start hunting for unique vintage furnishings.

  2. Remember to be patient when you are looking for things, and choose only quality items that will suit the look you are going for. Take a list with you of items you might want in your home, like a classic vintage chair or an antique mirror, then search hard for these items. Try to stick to the list, and really think through every item before purchasing, it's easy to get carried away when you are shopping for vintage.

  3. When you are styling your home, you can either opt for a shabby chic look which is a mix of modern and vintage, or you can choose all vintage pieces, but edit them by hand to bring them up to date. Or you can simply choose to have a few vintage pieces to make a very eclectic looking home. There are several key items that anyone wishing to start vintage styling their home should keep their eye out for:

  4. Chairs & Sofas These are the most practical items you could purchase, and they are very easy to update with a little polish, paint or re-upholster. Elegant french chairs give bedrooms a sexy update, 60s bubble chairs make childrens bedrooms a fun place, and thrift highchairs look great in any kitchen. - Thrift Furniture Make sure you go to your local garage sales and flea markets for some cheap vintage furnishings. Always check the quality of the items before buying, and visualise exactly where and how it would fit in your home. Keep your eye out for rare items with great detailing and craftsmanship that you wouldn't be able to find at your nearest Home Depot store.

  5. - Cushions & Vintage Bedding An item that will instantly give your house that vintage feel is some antique cushions. Comfortable, homemade, embroidered cushions on every surface will make any house feel more homely. Vintage eiderdowns and throws can give a quaint, chintzy update to a bedroom. Keep an eye out for great colors and fabrics that will best reflect your home style personality. - Crockery & Glass You can never have too much vintage glassware or tins, as they really give off a great antique vibe and aren't usually too expensive. Crockery, especially blue and white, is another fabulous addition to the kitchen table, that looks beautiful and will be timeless. Choose high quality glass and ceramic vintage items, as these will be valuable but not extortionate.

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