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Hair Extensions - Kylisstof

Kylisstof offers 100% Real, Remy, Human Hair Extensions. Read about hair oils and why to use them. Read more at http://bit.ly/2KxYAcL

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Hair Extensions - Kylisstof

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  1. Hair Oils and Why To Use Them https://kylisstof.com/

  2. Hair Oil Once upon a time (10-15 years ago) women were loath to put any oil in their hair. Nothing frightened women off more than the prospect of having “oily hair”. Since then the “oil treatment” hair product category was created (largely driven by the well known Moroccanoil® brand) and women ever since have been putting oil treatments and serums in their hair

  3. Hair Oil - Importance Each strand of hair has three basic different parts: The innermost portion is known as the medulla, the part covering the medulla is known as the cortex and the outermost layer of the hair is composed of multiple layers of transparent, scale like structures known as the cuticles. For purposes of hair care, the cuticles are the most important as these represent the protective barrier of your hair. Should a strand of hair lose its layers of cuticles it will break.

  4. Kylisstof Hair For more articles like this please visit my hair blog at www.kylisstof.com, where I explore issues relating to hair care, hair styles and hair extensions.

  5. Contact us Kylisstof Hair Sarah Wilson Email: sarah@kylisstof.com Website: https://kylisstof.com/

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