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Sports Betting Software

Sports Betting Software

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Sports Betting Software

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  1. Stay ahead of the curve with the most robust and engaging sports betting software 40+ Gaming Products Cost-Efficient & Quick Time to Market Robust, scalable & custom Applications 8+ years of iGaming experience Feature-Rich And State-Of-The-Art Sports Betting Software GammaStack offers feature-rich and ultra-modern sports betting software that covers all the requisite and unparalleled features for enhancing the betting experience of your users. Whether you are a start-up or well-established sports betting business, our sports betting software is a one-stop solution for your business needs. Along with integrating the requisite features, we also do the on-demand customizations in the software as per your specific requirements. Possessing 8+ years of industry experience enables us to deliver top-class sports betting offerings to our valuable clients. Our Sports Betting Platform Includes

  2. Zero Revenue Sharing We follow a zero revenue sharing policy and do not ask for the unwanted share of the revenue from our valuable clients. Our team aims at serving our clients with high-quality work without burning holes in their pockets. On-Demand Customizations We completely customize the sports betting software as per your requirement. Whether you desire to integrate some additional features or enhance the design of sports betting software for giving it the look and feel of your brand, we cover it all. Anti-Fraud Security For a just play and an out-of-the-box experience, we make sure you have a robust anti-fraud base for security. Social Sharing Share with your friends your right choices and bang on bets. We understand the joy of sharing the best news with friends. Real-Time Statistics The sports betting platform provides odds and analytics about sports, players, and outcomes. Cryptocurrency And Fiat-Money Payment Place your bets on whichever side you like, and pay with whichever mode of currency you prefer! A Betting Community Stay in the know of betting pros and newbies – alike. Get tips, suggestions, and updates from the betting world. Multi-Language Support

  3. We design systems with the world in mind – our sports betting software, apps, and websites have multi-lingual support for a wider audience. Calendar And Schedule We help you stay in touch with upcoming games and matches, with rich notifications and updates on your betting app. Live Scores Users/players can view scores while placing bets. This helps them monitor odds and percentages in real-time. A sports betting platform that supports  Player Panel The sports betting player panel is built with easy navigation in mind. It includes a user account or profile, live feed and scores, result notifications, betting tips, in-store purchases, virtual currency payments, and more. Bookie Panel The sports betting app and software include bookmaker account, user management system, calendars and schedules, and odds from major bookies. Admin Panel The Admin panel for your sports betting platform includes a management platform to monitor the game, risk, payment, user or player accounts, marketing campaigns, and finance. Sports Betting Made Beautiful And Functional With Gammastack Gorgeous UI  

  4. Our panel of experienced sports designers creates a gorgeous UI to enhance the betting experience. In our continued mission of functional and beautiful software, we create designs that are responsive on all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop. Rock Solid UX We believe every design should not just be beautiful, but also functionally rock solid. This means we devise ways of making a design intuitive and have a seamless flow. This involves wireframe testing, well thought of flow diagrams, and more. User Testing Every design and sports betting software goes through a robust testing process. We have a team of testers who play each game and test all edge cases. We iterate until we craft the best betting flow. Why is Gammastack for Sports Betting Software development and Design We are a custom sports betting software that offers solutions for your betting app needs and making sports betting a game of just a few clicks. Our services are designed to ease the customer experience by providing a striking feature list which includes in-play bets, match schedules, latest news, on-going betting trends, secure payment gateway, live streaming of games, and a lot more. Being a leading sportsbook software development company we have catered to several iGaming businesses to launch their sports betting app allowing their user base to bet on-the- go.