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carrie rachel rikon

carrie rachel rikon

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carrie rachel rikon

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  1. Carrie Rikon CEO of Shoshanna’s Matchmaking Service, LLC

  2. About Carrie Rikon Carrie Rikon is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded innovative start-up companies using unusual people skills and cutting edge social media skills. She is a highly focused business manager proven in launching, revamping and directing company’s growth. She innovated in social media and internet and obtained major TV show appearances, large 1,000 people speaking engagements and major promotional events. Ms. Carrie is experienced in creating a concept, generating a business model, directing technical, then hiring-staffing and marketing. She has created unique sales techniques with high closure rates.

  3. Carrie Rikon Education and Experience Carrie Rikon earned her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from New York Institute of Technology. She was awarded with Alumni Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership. She has also completed Summer Hospitality Administration Program from Ecole Hotel De Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. She has strong internet and social media knowledge. Carrie Rikon has worked with The Carlton Group as Senior Account Coordinator (Intern position). She created campaigns for specific target audiences, conducted research for development of Stony Brook museums. She was also involved in telemarketing and promotional initiatives.

  4. Carrie Rikon Professional works Carrie Rachel Rikon founded, managed and expanded two respected service businesses. She is the founder and CEO of Rikon Associates, LLC. She established high quality agency with Fortune 500 clients and staffed entire internet businesses and supervised three account executives while maintaining full operational functions. She was also tasked with the responsibility of facilitating sales meetings and expanding sales with innovative marketing techniques. She achieved unusual success with relationship building and holding clients. Carrie Rikon has also worked as Senior Account Executive/Trainer with CTI Corporate Staffing. She trained and supervised new account staff, directed daily operations including recruitment, solution presentations and professional skills development.

  5. Carrie RikonCharity and humanitarian ventures Along with her professional works, Carrie Rikon also contributes to the social good by supporting a number of charitable organizations. She actively volunteers with American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer charities, UJA, Jewish heritage museum, and YJP. She is personally focused on mentoring, dining out, wine tasting and international traveling.

  6. Contact Carrie Rikon Address: Street: 345 East 80th Street, #21G, New York, NY, USA Zip: 10075 Phone: 917-576-1264 Client Email: