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Carrie Rikon

Carrie Rikon

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Carrie Rikon

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  1. Carrie Rikon CEO of Shoshanna’s Matchmaking Service, LLC

  2. Carrie Rikon Business Experience Carrie Rikon has served as CEO and founder of Rikon Associates, LLC, a professional recruiting agency. She established high quality agency with Fortune 500 clients and staffing entire internet businesses. Carrie Rachel Rikon is a highly reputed business manager proven in launching and directing business growth. She has founded, managed and expanded two service businesses using her unusual people skills and cutting edge social media skills. She is experienced in creating a concept, generating a business model, directing technical, hiring staffing and marketing as well.

  3. Carrie Rikon Professional Recognition Carrie Rikon is recognized for innovating in social media, large group sales development presentations, TV exposure and establishing strong client-business relationships. She developed the unique selling concept along with directing all aspects of a personalized service. Ms. Carrie also facilitated sales meetings, expanded sales with her innovative marketing techniques and had great success with relationship building and holding clients. Carrie Rachel Rikon has strong internet and social media knowledge and has obtained major TV show appearances, large 1,000 people speaking engagements and major promotional events.

  4. Carrie Rikon Education Carrie Rikon received her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from New York Institute of Technology and was awarded Alumni Scholarship for outstanding leadership. She has also done Summer Hospitality Administration Program from Ecole Hotel De Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. She has also worked with The Carlton Group as Senior Account Coordinator (Intern position).

  5. Carrie Rikon Contribution to Humanitarian Causes She contributes to social good by supporting various charities such as American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer charities, UJA, Jewish heritage museum and YJP. Through her contributions, Carrie Rikon aims to make the world a better place to live for all those have faced life’s difficulties.

  6. Contact Carrie Rikon Address: Street: 345 East 80th Street, #21G, New York, NY, USA Zip: 10075 Phone: 917-576-1264 Client Email: