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Instructions On Growing A Cannabis Crop In A Tent PowerPoint Presentation
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Instructions On Growing A Cannabis Crop In A Tent

Instructions On Growing A Cannabis Crop In A Tent

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Instructions On Growing A Cannabis Crop In A Tent

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  1. GROWING CANNABIS IN A TENT If you have ever wanted to start growing your own cannabis at home, a great way of going about it is buying agrow tent and start using that. It is great for beginners and you can fit it in any smaller space indoors. This prevents it from being outside to elements and people who may want to be nosey. Finding a good grow tent is not hard, and once you have one, you will need to know the proper steps for growing your crop in a tent. This will help you get the yield you want, all on your own time and property.

  2. Finding The Right Tent One of the first things you need to do if you are going to grow a crop in a tent, is to find a tent. You want a light proof tent that is made of Mylar, not PVC. This can emit toxic fumes, and you do not want that indoors. You want a light proof tent because the bright lights that are needed to help them grow can easily be seen from the outside. When you have the tent you want, you can get started on the next step. Fans You need to get some sort of fan. Marijuana needs a great flow of air, so you need to make sure that they are not going to suffocate. The fans will be placed inside of the tent and blow the air out of the tent. The fresh air can then come in from the bottom of the tent. There is something to keep in mind though; the air that is coming out of the tent will smell like marijuana, so if you are worried about people finding out, be careful of where you place the tent. Lighting As well as a fan, you will need to buy some lights. They can be artificial bulbs, but they need to be bright. Fluorescent lights are great because they do not emit much heat, and that could hurt the crop. When the plants start to flower, you will need some light bulbs that give off a bright orange light. This will create better yields than if you keep blue lights on them, like you do at the beginning.

  3. Germinating Your Seeds Next, you will need to get your seeds. It is best to start the plant from the seed stage, so after you buy all the seeds of the strain that you want to grow, you can get started actually planting them. This means that you will need some pots and soil. You should make sure that the pots have drainage holes in the bottom so the roots do not get too wet and moldy, creating other problems for your crop. Then you can get startedgerminating your seeds. You should germinate twice as many as you actually want to plant because not all will take. When you see growth out of the soil, plant them in bigger pots.When you have your tiny seedlings planted in the larger pots, you will want to get the light started on them right away. You will keep the light on for 18 hours, and off for 6 hours. You will want to keep this schedule for three weeks. And only water them when necessary. Do not over water them.

  4. Flowering Stage After the three weeks, you have reached the flowering stage which requires the light to be on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. After about two and a half weeks of this schedule you will start to get flowers. Once the plants start flowering, you have to weed out the male plants. Find the ones with grape looking buds and remove them.Water your flowering plants only once in a while to keep them from being too wet. As the flowering stage goes on for about two months, you can keep the lights on them and then you just have to wait until you are ready to harvest.When harvest time comes around, you will tell by the smell the plants emit. You can also tell because about half of the white hairs will have turned brown. After you cut the plants, you will need to dry them so you will get the leaves you want to smoke. After this, you are officially done. As you can see, the process is relatively easy and if you have the time to baby the seedlings, you will get a great yield at the end of the process. The great thing about growing your own means that you can have whatever kind of strain you want, whenever you want.