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Personality Types PowerPoint Presentation
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Personality Types

Personality Types

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Personality Types

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  1. Personality Types

  2. Tips on Communication BLUE • Clearly outline your expectations for performance in a friendly, but frank way. Recognize their contribution often.Identify rewards for achievement individually and in teams. This builds cooperation and excitement. Couch our comments in feelings terms. "I value your uniqueness and your contribution. You are important to me as a person, and I care about how you feel." Provide personal contact through pats on the back or a light touch of approval.Recognize their creativity and the depth of feeling they put into their work.

  3. Tips on Comm. ORANGE • Outcome based short-term goals will be most effective. Focus on behavior and performance more than the finished products. Reward by freeing them to act on their own initiative Tangible rewards and competitive situations create stronger incentives. Set high expectations, which challenge their skills casing them, to know they have really earned the recognition received. Clearly identify the impact their performance has on the organization.

  4. Tips on Comm. GOLD • Clearly established expectations short and long- term goals, and plans for achieving them give specific measures of their performance and achievement. Tangible rewards have the greatest appeal. Provide clear, specific feedback regarding the work accomplished and its contribution to the organization. Traditions, rituals and ceremonies are meaningful. When pre-planned, they provide incentives for performance. Hierarchical structure and clearly defined roles aid Gold performance.

  5. Tips on CommGREEN • Clear expectations and project outcomes with the latitude to figure out how to accomplish them works well. Provide sincere recognition only when warranted. This color group does not appreciate "hoopla". Assign tasks requiring designing new models or thing up new approaches.Compliments relating to his/her intelligence are the greatest source of esteem. Reinforce through the contributions their knowledge provides for completing projects.

  6. BLUES need praise on: • Unique contributions Personal achievementsPersonal characteristics that are valued and meaningful Honesty and sincerityEnergetic and enthusiastic manner Contributions to the performance of the group and the organization

  7. BLUES dislike when: • Insincerity Hypocrisy Deception

  8. ORANGES need praise on their: • Cleverness Skill Quickness Spontaneity Versatility Quick and timely responses Creativity Motivational skills

  9. ORANGES dislike when: • Rigidness Authority Rules

  10. GOLDS need praise on: • AccomplishmentsThoroughness and sense of responsibility Provide a "pat on the back" regularly and consistently Contributions to the growth and development of the organization and its performance traditions

  11. GOLDS dislike when : • Non-conformity Ambiguity Waste

  12. GREENS need praise on their: • Competence Quality of work Language capabilitiesIndependent initiative Ingenuity Analysis abilities Clear, logical explanations in precise terms Good ideas and capabilities

  13. GREENS dislike when: • Incompetence Unfairness Injustice

  14. BLUES see themselves as: • Warm, Caring,Compassionate, Romantic, Spiritual, Creative, Idealistic, People person, Willing to work tirelessly for a cause, Unselfish, Empathetic, Affirming ,Expressive, expansive, Caretaker, Promoting growth, well-being, Social interaction, expert, Able to see need for exceptions, Conscious of past relations, Like to please people, Sympathetic, Great communicator, Trusting, Wanting, harmony, Individual, personal values

  15. Others see BLUES as: • Over-emotional, Bleeding heart, Mushy, Other-worldly, Flaky, unrealistic, Hopelessly naïve,Too tender-hearted, Easily duped, Too "touchy feely“, Just pathetic, Too nice, Naive, too trusting, Smothering, Teaching non-essentials, Slick, manipulative, ignores policy, creates chaos, Stuck in/lives in the past, Groveling, fawning, soft, Talks too much, Obscures the issues

  16. GOLD sees themselves as: • Stable, Providing security, Dependable, Firm, Always have a view, Efficient, Realistic, Decisive, Executive type, Good planner, Orderly, neat, Organizer, Practical, expects same Goal, oriented, Finish what I started, Good at sorting, weeding out

  17. Others see GOLDS as: • Rigid, Controlling, Dull, boring, Stubborn, pigheaded, Opinionated, System-bound, Unimaginative, Judgmental, Bossy, controlling, Limiting flexibility, Uptight, Sets own agenda, Predictable, Rigid idea of time, End justifies the means, Limited-not able to do many things at once, Throws away good items needlessly

  18. GREENS see themselves as: • Superior, intellect 98%, right, Tough-minded, Efficient, Powerful, Creative, visionary, Original, unique, Eminently reasonable, Rational, Calm, not emotional, Under control, Precise, not repetitive, Able to find flaws, Objective Task, goal focused, Holding firm to policy, Seeking justice, Assuming things will be well done, Great planner, Firm-minded, able to reprimand

  19. Others see GREENS as: • Intellectual snob, Arrogant, Heartless, Doesn't care about people, Ruthless, Unrealistic Eccentric, weird, Emotionally controlled, Ignores people’s values. Cool, aloof, unfeeling. Afraid to open up .Covers subject from all angles. Critical, fault finding. Not on my side. Devaluing relational aspects. Having limited ability to see obvious differences. Lacking mercy, unfair. Unappreciative, stingy with praise. Nasty, hatchet man. Doesn't consider people in plans .

  20. ORANGES see themselves as • Fun-loving, enjoys life, Spontaneous, Flexible, adaptable, Carefree, Proficient, capable, Hands-on person, Practical, Problem-solver, Good negotiator,Here and now person, Do many things at once, Resourceful, Can deal with chaos, Curious, welcomes new ideas, Superior, ability to discriminate among options, See shades of gray

  21. Others see ORANGES as: • Irresponsible, Flaky, Wish-washy, Not serious, Spends time at things they enjoy, Not interested in ideas, Indecisive, Disobeys rules, Manipulative, not to be trusted, Turn off to past-oriented blue, Turn off to future-oriented green, Not able to stay on task, Scattered, cluttered, Uncontrollable, Resists closure or decision

  22. BLUE • BLUE BRAIN PERSPECTIVE:HELPFULVALUES:Integrity, Empathy & Understanding • ATTITUDE:Enthusiastic & Creative WORKPLACE: Motivational, Inspiring & InteractiveRELATIONSHIPS:Thoughtful & Romantic STRESS FACTOR: Lack of cooperation

  23. BLUE • BLUE BRAIN PEOPLE ARE: • Nurturing leaders • Artists, musicians, social workers, health, child & pet care providers • Say: "I feel I can change" • 35-40% of American Adult population • Right brain dominant

  24. GOLD • YELLOW BRAIN PERSPECTIVE: DEPENDABLEVALUES:Traditions, Stability & Loyalty ATTITUDE:Strong sense of Right & Wrong WORKPLACE:Prepared, Committed & Organized RELATIONSHIPS:Practical & Serious STRESS FACTOR: Dealing with disorganization

  25. GOLD • YELLOW BRAIN PEOPLE ARE: • Stabilizing leaders • Bankers, CEO's, managers, administrators, educators • Detailed sales professionals • The one to say: "I SHOULD change," but don't like to • 35-40% of American Adult population • Left brain dominant

  26. GREEN • GREEN BRAIN PERSPECTIVE: LOGICALVALUES: Innovation, Competency & FairnessATTITUDE: Independent & Technical WORKPLACE: Independent & Thinks work is play RELATIONSHIPS: Sensitive, but uneasy with emotions STRESS FACTOR: Coping with incompetence

  27. GREEN • GREEN BRAIN PEOPLE ARE: • Are Visionary leaders • Accountants, computer techies, lawyers, researchers, engineers • Knowledgeable sales professionals • Say: "I need to think about change" • 10-15% of American Adult population • Left brain dominant

  28. ORANGE • ORANGE BRAIN PERSPECTIVE: COURAGEOUS VALUES: Risk, Resourcefulness & EagernessATTITUDE: Enthusiastic & Fun-loving WORKPLACE: Entrepreneurial & UnstructuredRELATIONSHIPS: Energizing & Physically attentiveSTRESS FACTOR: Someone else’s rules or directions

  29. ORANGE • ORANGE BRAIN PEOPLE ARE: • Are Risk-Taking leaders • Fire fighters, athletes, EMT's, construction workers, sale people • Result Oriented sales professionals • Say: "I am the change agent" • 10-15% of American Adult population • Right brain dominant