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People of Times Square PowerPoint Presentation
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People of Times Square

People of Times Square

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People of Times Square

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  1. Individuals of Times Square

  2. A beggar sits with a "Give me $1 or Im voting in favor of Trump" sign, alluding to Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump, as he sits in the city in Times Square in Manhattan, New York. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  3. Robert Burck, known as the first "Stripped Cowboy," postures for a photograph in a region with mirrors in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  4. A man dressed as the character "Flunky" from the "Abhorrent Me" films requests to be paid a tip subsequent to being shot in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  5. Deke Breuer encourages his canine Cahlupa some lasagna in Times Square. Breuer, initially from Detroit, have been living and going throughout the previous couple of years and has shown his canine numerous traps. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  6. A road entertainer dressed as the Statue of Liberty stands among light snow in Times Square. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

  7. A couple spruced up as musical act Daft Punk ride the bus tram at Times Square station. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  8. Jorge, a worker from Mexico dressed as the Sesame Street character Elmo, rests in Times Square. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

  9. A man strolls however Times Square in high heels. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  10. A demonstrate postures amid a photograph shoot at a metro hypnotize in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  11. A man spruced up as Pinhead from the Hellraiser arrangement postures for a photograph as his tram prepare pulls away at Times Square station. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  12. Divers are imagined holding up to play tic-tac-toe on the glass of a plunge tank utilized by the U. S. Naval force Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit for advancement amid Fleet Week in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  13. A artist postures for a photo as a major aspect of the "Move as Art" photograph extend in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  14. A gathering of Mennonites from Pennsylvania sing songs in the Times Square metro station. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  15. A man who gave his name as Wildcat works out on NYPD pack control blockades in the rain in Times Square. Wildcat says he works out in the open spots to urge others to get sound without the requirement for favor hardware. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  16. Billy McKinney sits on a walkway holding a sign welcoming passers-by to berate him for two dollars in Times Square. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  17. A U.S. Naval force mariner responds to a road peddler as he strolls through Times Square amid Fleet Week. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

  18. Women who posture for tips wearing body paint and clothing help each other get prepared in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

  19. A man dressed as a cannabis leaf remains with another with a notice, as they request cash to purchase pot at Times Square. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

  20. People remain with umbrellas amid a rainstorm along 43rd Street at Times Square. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

  21. Berta and Jose Fernandez from Spain posture for wedding photographs in Times Square. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri