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Hall Manager Nuts & Bolts Meeting

Hall Manager Nuts & Bolts Meeting. Dooley Room Wednesday, May 4, 2011. OFFICE OF HOUSING 305 Main Building | Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 Phone: 574.631.5878 | Email: ORLH@nd.edu. Agenda. Introductions Managing a Summer Hall What is next. Who’s Here This Summer?. Hall Occupancy

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Hall Manager Nuts & Bolts Meeting

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  1. Hall ManagerNuts & Bolts Meeting Dooley Room Wednesday, May 4, 2011 OFFICE OF HOUSING 305 Main Building | Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 Phone: 574.631.5878 | Email: ORLH@nd.edu

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Managing a Summer Hall • What is next

  3. Who’s Here This Summer? • Hall Occupancy • Commitment Database

  4. Preparing Your Building • Inventory common areas • Check rooms • Location of safety equipment • Meeting with housekeeping staff/location of linen and housekeeping items/maintenance issues

  5. Keys • inventory summer keys immediately • order missing keys from Elizabeth in ORLH • distribute room/summer keys to your staff • check-out master keys from ORLH • keys checked out by coaches/counselors

  6. Key Inventory • use roster to determine number of keys needed (estimate 2 keys per room) • missing keys: complete maintenance request and bring to ORLH and make a note on the Group Summary Report • you will need to complete this process each time a group checks in/out

  7. Distributing Keys to your Staff • You are responsible for distributing keys to your staff members and collecting them at the end of the summer • Confirm moving arrangements with your staff • Know when each of your staff members will be arriving, and be there to welcome them and provide them with keys

  8. Master Keys • Hall managers must check-out master key ring from ORLH • All staff will need to sign master key check out form • Master key must be kept in secure location • Master key should not leave the building • Master key should not be kept on key ring with your personal keys • Sign-in/sign-out sheet for staff member using master key while on-duty • Loss of master key may result in position termination and costs associated with re-coring building

  9. Safety Equipment • Do you know where fire extinguishers are located? • Do you know where fire alarm panel is located? • Do you know where exits/fire doors, etc. are located?

  10. Meet with Housekeeping Staff • Every day in every way! • Where are emergency housekeeping supplies? • Where is emergency linen stored? • Weekly touch-base meetings helpful

  11. Working with Program Coordinators, Coaches, Counselors • Touch base with them before every check-in/every check-out • OPEN COMMUNICATION • “Meet & Greet” meetings by constituency group

  12. Signs & Postings • HOW TO CONTACT STAFF – front doors, near restrooms, desk area, etc. • Desk information/hours • Group information • Restroom signs – male/female • Campus information/resources • Label staff rooms • Mail information

  13. Desk Coverage for Check-Ins • Staff must be present and available throughout scheduled check-in! • Schedule staff according to check-in hours • Create a schedule at the beginning of summer

  14. When Residents are in your Building… • Desk and duty coverage • Rounds • Handling situations • Mail

  15. Desk and Duty Coverage • See duty information sheet for desk coverage hours and guidelines • Establish a schedule for your staff • Assistant managers are scheduled to work approximately 25 hours per week • Desk clerk hours should range between 10-15 hours per week

  16. Rounds • See duty and desk coverage sheet for information about rounds hours in your building • When doing rounds – • check for safety hazards, • policy violations, • facilities issues, • propped doors • note issues/concerns on Rounds Sheet

  17. More on Rounds… • Staff should keep you informed of issues • Keep rounds sheet in binder • Report maintenance and safety concerns to ORLH in a timely fashion

  18. Handling Situations • Contact intern on duty • NDSP • Reporting incidents to ORLH

  19. Staff Information • Staff expectations – turn in to ORLH during Training on May 31st • Staff office/communication center • Weekly meeting with your staff • Cell Phone usage – business use • Laptop usage – business use, no downloading • Desk clerk time cards – turn in Friday no later than 3PM • Weekly manager meeting by constituency

  20. Hall Manager Parking • Hall Managers will be assigned a reserved space (Assistant Rector space) • Log-on to ND Cars after 12:00 PM (noon) on __________ to request a “temporary permit.” • Need to remove old permit, and surrender to Parking Services in order to get new permit. • Other staff – current tags are valid through summer • If someone needs to purchase a summer only tag – see NDSP

  21. Graduating Seniors • Library; go to reference desk and complete a temporary application • RecSports; passes will be in summer totes • OIT Services; valid through August 19

  22. Summer Staff Training Dates All-Staff Training Dates May 31 June 1

  23. Rector Meeting • Schedule this meeting to take place before Friday, May 20, 2011 • Utilize “Summer Transition Meeting” outline • Take notes!!!

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