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Towards the Electronic Nose

Towards the Electronic Nose. Electronic Nose. . . . . . Introduction:. Organic Chemistry. Signal Processing. Olfactory Physiology. Chemical Sensors / Analytical Chemistry. Computational Learning. Pattern Recognition. Electronic Nose Systems. Commercially Available Systems.

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Towards the Electronic Nose

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  1. Towards the Electronic Nose

  2. Electronic Nose . . . . . Introduction: Organic Chemistry Signal Processing Olfactory Physiology Chemical Sensors / Analytical Chemistry Computational Learning Pattern Recognition

  3. Electronic Nose Systems

  4. Commercially Available Systems

  5. Block Diagram of theExperimental Setup

  6. Network Analyzer Mass Flow Controller Switching Box PC Nitrogen VOC Sensor Cell VOC in bubbler Experimental Setup

  7. Mass Flow Controller Mass Flow Meter Network Analyzer Post-It notes Sensor Cell Gas Bubbler Switching Box EXPERIMENTAL SETUP

  8. How Does Odor Signallook Like?

  9. . . . . . Identification of VOCs Raw Sensor Readings (6-D) Preprocessing Filtering, Normalization, De-trending, etc. Fuzzy nose (FNOSE), Feature range stretching, or Nonlinear cluster transformation Increasing Pattern Separability Neural Network Training Multilayer perceptron LEARN++ (for incremental learning) Neural Network Validation Classification VOC Identification

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