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  1. Sofazulgo By: Sofia G Azul O

  2. We created a transportation method called the Eco Bici-Car. There will also be regular bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and others. People interact through school and other activities in the city. Philosophy Social • Interaction: School/Work, workshops. • Entertainment: Board Games, Nightclub (No alcohol), Sports. • Transportation: Bicycle, Eco bici car • Purpose: To create happiness, independence smart and successful people. • No distinctive social classes, equality,independence, no maids,different types of jobs, free healthcare and education. To promote our purpose we will create a special system in which people are raised being independent and happy. We will give them tools to be smart and successful. The main purpose of our city is to create a place in which nature and humans can co-exist.

  3. P H I L O S O P H y

  4. Free from commercialization. • Nature based. • Only organic food and products. • Clothing: Hemp and recycled materials.

  5. Layout of city Country: Australia, Sydney. Weather: 10-30 degrees. Geographical Area: Coast. It is the city that rains most. We chose to build our city here since its isolated from negative influence. It has a coast and the weather is mostly template so its easier to have balance.

  6. Ecological design • Technology • Desalination centralized. • -The water of your homes is desalinated. • Solar panels per location. • - (Houses, stablishments, and others.) • Waste to energy trasformation. • -All the waste that is produced is transformed into energy. • Wind Power. • Centralized. • Rainwater collection tank. • -Per home.

  7. Tidal Power. -Centralized • Geothermal energy. -Centralized • Green Roof -Per home. *Solar panels, wind power, tidal power, waste energy and geothermal energy will be each 20% of the total energy for the population.

  8. Ecological Footprint • Expensive materials. • Solar panels made with chemicals. • -Making solar panels produce; arsenic, cadmium telluride, hexafluoroethane, lead, and polyvinyl fluoride. • -manufacturing process is very chemical intensive. • -it’s the dangerous chemicals and toxic materials used to manufacture solar panels and their disposal when being replaced. • Noise from wind turbines. • -It can produce headaches. • There will be no animals displaced. • - We are going to acoplate to the enviroment and let them a space for them.

  9. Social design • Transportation -Bicycles, BC (Bici-Car), rollerblades, skateboards. • Green Spaces -There will be Eco Parks that will be self-sufficient, endangered species shelter open to the public. And the species of that zone will have their part. • Household -Homes will NOT be gated, this is to promote interaction and contact. • Products -Locally produced items. -Not excessive production. * If you need to go to the city you can take the hybrid cars that are at the border of Sofazulgo.

  10. Political structure • Our financial system will be a work-share. The people will work for the government and in exchange they will get products for their daily-life. • It will be a walfare-state (nanny state). • Our political structure will benefit our citizens. There will be no solid money.

  11. Inspiration Our main inspiration was Reykjavik city and our second inspiration Hammerby Sjöstad city. We used this as inspiration because it has amazing ecological technology and it has made a great impact. Reykjavik is located in southwestern Iceland. It has a population of around 120,000 people. Hammerby Sjöstad is located in Stockholm,Sweden. It has a population of 20,000 habitants.

  12. References •ík#Heating • • • • •

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