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Participation of 10 ambassadors from foreign countries on the YOL Honorary ... The first National Language Teacher of the Year Award recipient will be announced. ...

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    Marty Abbott and Christine Brown Co-Chairs, Year of Languages Working Committee American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

    Slide 2:Celebrate

    The Power of Language Learning! Educate Communicate

    Slide 3:Summary of YOL Accomplishments

    Slide 4:Government

    National Language Policy Summit K-16 Chinese Pipeline Blueprint for Action U.S. Senate Resolution 22 U.S. House Resolution 122 Interagency Language Roundtable Support Proclamations from 25 state governors and 52 additional organizations and agencies

    Slide 5:Government

    Participation of 10 ambassadors from foreign countries on the YOL Honorary Council YOL Presentations at the Pentagon, National Security Agency, and ILR meetings. NVTC website devoted to Languages of the World linked to YOL website

    Slide 6:Academe

    Events and activities in schools and colleges throughout the country Videotaped statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings Major support from The College Board College presidents and deans represented on the Honorary Council

    Slide 7:Business and Industry

    Opening of NASDAQ Stock Market Support from Businesses for YOL fundraising Grant from First Data/Western Union Co-sponsorship of July event with Association of Language Companies Business leaders represented on the Honorary Council and at the National Language Policy Summit

    Slide 8:ACTFL Opens the NASDAQ Stock Market

    Slide 9:ACTFL Opens the NASDAQ Stock Market

    Slide 10:Media

    Public service announcements aired on television and radio in over 250 programs throughout the country Articles in over 50 newspapers Talkin About Talk aired on South Carolina NPR National Public Radio programs devoted to YOL in four major cities Press conference held at the National Press Club to kick off YOL and release Roper Poll results

    Slide 11:Media

    National events focused on each months theme from coast to coast YOL website replete with information and resources for teachers, students, and the public. Articles about YOL in publications such as Education Leadership, Language Learner, Language Magazine, ACTFL volume series, and Contextos Multiculturales.

    ? Click the link to view more pictures Click link to learn more on languages.

    Slide 18:Sustained Media Campaign

    Print Ads Series of Public Service Announcements Television and radio National Public RadioThe Five Minute Linguist

    Slide 22:Additional Impact

    State organizations Regional organizations National organizations TESOL and NABE ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year Award Contributions from 62 organizations and 150 individuals

    Slide 39:January 2005 Language Policy

    ACTFL Event: An interactive teleconference was broadcast from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with language educators, business leaders and policy makers in a discussion of national, state and local initiatives that focused on language use and language learning. Portions of the teleconference may be viewed and downloaded from www.yearoflanguages.org.

    Slide 40:February 2005 International Engagement

    ACTFL Event: A panel of Fulbright Exchange participants as well as representatives from other international programs were featured at a symposium on the importance of study abroad programs and using language beyond the classroom. The panel may be viewed and downloaded at www.yearoflanguages.org.

    Slide 41:March 2005 Connecting Languages to Other Areas

    ACTFL Event: A panel discussion of languages and the connections to other fields featured scientists, mathematicians, sociologists, and artists held at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. The panel may be viewed and downloaded from www.yearoflanguages.org.

    Slide 42:April 2005 Higher Education

    ACTFL Event: A panel of representatives from higher education as well as a student from the National Security Education Program (NSEP) discussed getting students to the advanced level of language proficiency. The panel may be viewed and downloaded from www.yearoflanguages.org.

    Slide 43:May 2005 Language Advocacy

    ACTFL Event: In conjunction with the JNCL Delegate Assembly, events were held on Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of languages at the federal level including building our language capacity as a nation through various programs and initiatives.

    Slide 45:June 2005 Adult Learning and Language Use

    ACTFL Event: An event featuring adult language learning was held in the city of Atlanta. Panelists discussed their experiences and motivations for learning languages in adulthood.

    Slide 49:July 2005 Languages and Communities

    ACTFL Event: A national event was held at International Dance Festival sponsored by the Vail Valley Foundation in Vail, Colorado.

    Slide 50:August 2005 Parents

    ACTFL Event: The California Language Teachers Association co-sponsored a forum that provided parents with cognitive benefits and rationales for beginning to learn languages at an early age. K-12 programs that highlight language learning were featured.

    Slide 52:September 2005 Heritage Languages

    ACTFL Event: The annual Boats, Books, and Brushes with Taste Festival held in New London, Connecticut will provide the setting for featuring heritage language authors and student performances.

    Slide 54:October 2005 Early Language Learning

    ACTFL Event: An event featuring students use of languages will be held in Dallas, Texas at the annual Texas State Fair.

    Slide 56:November 2005 Celebrating Accomplishments & Looking Ahead

    Culmination of 2005 The Year of Languages at the ACTFL Annual Convention in Baltimore. The first National Language Teacher of the Year Award recipient will be announced.

    Slide 57:December 2005 Culture

    ACTFL Event: Culminating cultural program in Washington, D.C. sponsored by ACTFL and various embassies.

    Slide 58:For more information visit: www.yearoflanguages.org

    Slide 60: Looking ahead to Discover Languages

    Slide 61:Objective:

    To raise public awareness of the importance of language learning and cultural understanding for all Americans and to provide resources to accomplish this goal.

    Slide 62:Campaign Cornerstones:

    Public Awareness, Advocacy and Policy Research and Practice Resources and Collaboration

    Slide 63:Examples of outreach programs:

    Student interpreter program Grandparent/grandchild language competitions International business mentorship competition Implementation of Linguafolio Documentaries

    Slide 64:www.discoverlanguages.org

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