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JOHANA OCAMPO ANA MARIA CARDONA JULIAN HORMILLA MANNY RAMIREZ MGS 3040. What is the difference in processor capability for the four computers?. $989 offers a slightly slower processor (virtually unnoticeable), but comes with the most cache MHz (1066).

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  2. What is the difference in processor capability for the four computers? • $989 offers a slightly slower processor (virtually unnoticeable), but comes with the most cache MHz (1066). • Both the $900 computers offer the same speed of processor which is 2.00GHz, 2MB L2 and a cache of 800. • $729 offers the fastest processor with 3.00GHz, 4MB L2 and has the same cache as the $900 CPU’s.

  3. What is the difference in main memory capability for the four computers? • CPU’s $989 and both $900 CPUs have 1GB of Synchronous Random Access Memory. $729 has half the memory with 512 MB SDRAM. • Explain the specifications for the magnetic disks, called “hard drives”, in the ad. (SATA is a disc drive data bus standard.) What differences exist for hard drives in these four computers? • The most expensive CPU has the best hard drive. It offers double the storage (160GB vs 80GB). All four come with the same serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s storage interface for connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices.

  4. What is the difference in the optical drives for these four computers? • The most expensive CPU for sale offers the least for Optical drives. Probably most of the cost was absorbed in the expense of the Hard drive device. $989 offers 8X DVD-RW vs 48X DVD/CD-RW Comment on the operating system that is loaded on these computers. All four computers come with a business version of Windows. It offers more than the home basic and home premium versions, but falls short of the ultimate edition. This edition is geared for the entrepreneur who needs organization at their finger tips. This would go well for small businesses.

  5. Dell’s $900 CPU vs. The $989 CPU • Dell offers a cheaper CPU with better components. • Dells has a faster processor, 3.20 GHz and 4MB Cache. • Dells has 8GB of memory versus the 1 GB. • Dell’s hard drive is substantially better with 1TB^4 of memory versus the 160GB of memory.

  6. Q2.Politcal Science Major needs help on buying a computer. She wants to use the computer for email, internet access, and for note taking in class and she also wants to spend less than $1000. • A. CPU-$500-$800 (2GHZ) laptop. • Memory- Main Memory works with CPU, performance factors are size and speed beneficial for holding multiple programs at one time, $100 per GB • Disk specification- Optical Disk CD comes with • the computer, DVD includes $150. • B. The software that she needs is client in Microsoft Windows Operating systems possibly paid for by the site license and hardware if not $100-$300 for upgrade $300-$500 for New. • C. Shopping for a Dell, HP, Lenova can give you a best deal but there are other computers that can give you good deal such as a Mac. • D. I would recommend her to purchase a Dell. If you buy from Dell they will install your operation system for you. You can purchase a Dell Notebook online through their website.

  7. Suppose that your father asks you to help him purchase a new computer. He wants to use his computer for email, internet access, downloading pictures from his digital camera, uploading those pictures to a shared photo service, and writing documents to members of his antique auto club.

  8. What CPU, memory, and disk specifications would you recommend? • Although it only process 1.86GHs in compare with the other ones that process 2.00GHz, the the front side bus its bigger and can put more stuff on the computer.

  9. What Software does he need? For Email: • Outlook • Firefox • Mobile Me • Internet Explorer • Safari For Internet Access: • Firefox • Internet Explorer • Safari For the Digital Camara: • The Software that the camara comes with • I photo Write Documents: • Microsoft World • Note Pad

  10. Shop Dell, HP, and Lenova for the best computer deal • Today it really doesn’t matter what brand you go with, because the brand sells more design, but what's in the computer its being manufacture almost by the same companies.

  11. Which computer would you recommend, and Why? • If theirs no limitation on money definitely for $989, which my dad can upload, share, and even burn all the pictures he wants. Will not have to worry about upgrading the memory and processor its enough big and fast for his needs.

  12. Access http://Microsoft.com or http://Google.com and determine the function of each of these software products • Google, one of the great Internet success stories, has grown into an online behemoth . With a name that has evolved into a verb meaning "to search," Google grown so much that it has become a threat to Microsoft, which has had a long and storied history of high-tech industry dominance.

  13. Which of this software products are operating systems and which are application programs? • Application System: • Microsoft Access 2007 • One Note • SharePoint Designer • Web Expressions • Microsoft Project 2007 • Visual Studio Develper • SQL Server 2005 • Visio • Operating System: • Vista Business Edition • Windows 2003 Server

  14. Which of these programs are DBMS products (the subject of the next chapter)? • Microsoft Access 2007 • One Note • Vista Business Edition • Windows 2003 Server • SQL Server 2005 • Visio

  15. Which of these programs should you download and install tonight? Both are looking for dominant positions in the Internet. For Google to increase its business, it needs to move into other territory. For Microsoft to have significant growth opportunities, it needs to become an Internet powerhouse, and they know it. This is not a war that is going to be won by one or two battles. This is going to be a prolonged activity. the battle isn't simply over which can be called top dog, because the fight is critical to both companies. "For Google, it's about expanding, and for Microsoft, it's about a life-or-death challenge,"

  16. Does the MSDN AA provide an unfair advantages to Microsoft? Why or why not? The MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a program offering annual memberships for academic departments. The program has two primary goals: 1. To make it easier and less expensive for you to obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes 2. To build a community of instructors who can share curriculum and other learning resources to support the use of these technologies.

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