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Tuition Singapore

<br>As parents, we understand the importance of academic performance as it’s a key benchmark for getting a desired job and a head start in life. Grades are important for most employers in Singapore. Especially in this competitive and rat-race mentality that Singaporeans have, being a Failure is branded as someone who has no future or a second chance.<br>event.kovanenrichment.com<br>

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Tuition Singapore

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  1. MANY LOVING & CONCERNED YET BUSY PARENTS MAKE THESE CLUELESS MISTAKES THEY SIMPLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TUTOR THEIR OWN CHILD OR HOW TO ASSESS IF THEIR CHOICE OF TUITION IS REALLY WORKING FOR THEIR CHILD? DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE… UNAPPRECIATED for everything that you have given and put in for them; time, effort & money. But your child doesn’tseem to understand and reciprocate well. FRUSTRATED as the more you want them to do better academically and be self-motivated, the harder they turn a deaf ear on you STUCKED because of your child’s failing results, stagnantgrowth and his/her enthusiasm never lastslonger than one month even after attending expensive motivation and enrichment classes. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! As parents, we understand the importance of academic performance as it’s a key benchmark for getting a desired job and

  2. a head start in life.Grades are important for most employers in Singapore. and rat-race mentality that Singaporeans have, being a Failureis branded as someone who has no future or a second chance. You might be thinking. With increasing exposure to new technology, gadgets and games such as hooking onto their mobile phone, tablets, and computers, our children’s brain is being rewired with increased brainwave activity hence shorter attention span. How can our children be able to focus one, two or three hours on their homework, revision, and studies? As the saying goes, there’s always a taller mountain ahead. There are no boundaries for excellence; every student has the capability to excel further only if they have Self- control and willingto chat lesser on WhatsApp, play lesser games or watch lesser videos on Youtube. We all know, every child has different styles of learning; visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, but our students could only obtain one approach in mainstream schools which is the generic teaching and instructing method because schools are NOT able to personalize their learning types. Furthermore, in the rapidly evolving MOE syllabus in the Singapore education industry and the syllabus also seems to be getting harder each year… Particularly now that Singapore has topped the national OECD rankings for Mathematics and Science It is a real challenge to keep up the status quo and our ever changing curriculum. More Worrying issues, Teachers are facing increasing administration load and yet a constant challenge to devote individual attention to each and every student in a class of 30 to 40. The dilemma of a teacher is whether they should give more attention to students who are performing well or those who are struggling academically. How about many of those students who are right in the middle, and all too often, these are the students who may be neglected and simply get lost or engaged in their own “productive” (Non- constructive!) minds. Especially in this competitive

  3. YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING If only my child can be self-motivated with a positive mindset that allows them to better concentrate and focus, thus learning at their most optimal and peak performance with better memory retention and faster absorption in school, tuition or self-study. My child will be more calm, clear-headed and confident to tackle difficult exam questions with speed and improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Be able to manage their stress and anxiety by maximizing the power of Resting Potential and Key Learning Techniques. Ultimately,improving their attitudes, grades and be scoring “As” & “Bs”, so that my hard-earned money and painstaking efforts will not go to waste. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE Success in Life = Motivation × Abilities × Applied Knowledge × Character At Kovan Enrichment, your child will learn the key crucial intelligence skills that set them apart from ordinary and even smart students. After attending Neuro MIT 32-day Transformation our and Personalized Tutelage Programs, your child will be able to concentrate and

  4. absorb better what they have learnt in school and tuition classes with faster mental reflexes. Your confident children will be able to tackle complex and challenging questions with enhanced critical thinking, analyzing and problem-solving skills with grit. They will be able to complete exams on time at their peak and optimal performance and reducing stress and anxiety. And finally be able to unleash and learn the potential of resting with comprehensive understanding, deep learning in context for any subjects and applications in life. 3x GIFTS FOR YOU, IF YOU TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION 1. DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT 2. NEURO PSYCHOMETRIC TEST 3. PERSONALIZED BRAIN TRAINING SESSION – ALL THESE COMES FREE FOR YOUR CHILD! (ORIGINAL PRICE: $497) REGISTER NOW! OR CALL US FOR MORE INFO (65) 8522 0712 *LAST 7 SPACES LEFT! “We enrolled our daughter, Junko at Kovan LC in April 2014. Maths was her greatest challenge. They helped her to improve in Maths and as a result, she was able to solve mathematical

  5. problem sums. Through the teachers’ close guidance and motivation, she performed well and scored 81.5 in SA2 examination.” – Shinichi Furusawa Parent of Junko “Kovan LC boosted our daughter Natasha Chong’s interest in Mathematics as their lecturer Mr. Alan Thayalan engage her in learning in a more effective manner implementing the latest teaching methods. Natasha’s excellent results are achieved through the innovative & creative process adopted at Kovan LC.” – Mr. Derrick and Mrs. Carol Parents of Natasha Chong “Cuthbert joined Kovan LC during his Primary 5 but he didn’t do well for his PSLE and got promoted to Secondary 1 Normal Technical stream. Teachers in Kovan LCmotivated him and encouraged

  6. him to do well. He is promoted to Secondary 3 Normal Academic stream in 2016 with his Mathematics from failing to Grade Band Science from C to A. We are so glad and would like to thank all teachers in Kovan LC.” -Mr. Eddie Parent of Cuthbert “During my Mid-Year Examination, I scored 56 out of 60 for Maths. Before joining Kovan LC, I experienced examstress. This caused me to feel panicked which thus refrained me from performing my best. However, after joining KovanLC, I am confident that I will be able to do well in any test. Being taught in KovanLC has provided me with a better mindset. Thus, in a nutshell, my teacher Mr.Alan’s

  7. Kovan LC has not only allowed me to perform at my best but even better.“ – Student Sassidaran KEY CRUCIAL SKILLS AND FAST TRACK LEARNING TO DO WELL FOR EXAMS AND EXCEL IN LIFE DOES YOUR CHILDREN HAVE THEM? –ExcellentWorking and Long Term Memory Obtained Faster Mental Reflexes and Improve Memory Retention from Short-Term to Long-Term Memory with consistent practice. –EnhancedCognitive Skills – Stimulate Critical Thinking, Analytical and Problem Solving skills to tackle difficult tasks, challenging problems and complex questions in exams/ situations. –Sharper and FasterBrain Performance and Speed – Boost to Multiple Intelligence, Creativity, Self-Motivation and Confidence –GreaterFocus and Attentiveness –Enhances the Child’s Active Listening and ability to concentrate, to absorb what they have learnt/ what was being taught –StrongResting Potential –Greater Mental Clarity, have the “non-thinking” ability (Mental Dexterity) to achieve Peak and Optimal Performance – Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Automatic Negative Talk (ANT) and Unproductive Mental Chatter coaching in


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