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Mice Industry

Mice Industry. 林依璇 黃郁庭 呂慧勤 廖 翎 江欣憫 邱佩珊. Why MICE Industry?. The promising future of MICE industry “High-growth rate, high additional value, and high effectiveness in creativity” “Dramatic increase in output value, job opportunities, and interaction between industries”

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Mice Industry

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  1. Mice Industry 林依璇 黃郁庭 呂慧勤 廖 翎 江欣憫 邱佩珊

  2. Why MICE Industry? • The promising futureof MICE industry • “High-growth rate, high additional value, and high effectiveness in creativity” • “Dramatic increase in output value, job opportunities, and interaction between industries” • “Excellent human resources, excellent technique, and excellent efficiency” MICE industry is a good way to promote a city

  3. The Benefits of MICE Industry • According to UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition): The investment of MICE industry per dollar can generate a profit of 8 ~10 dollars from the revenue of other industries. • Its great effect on other industries EX: computer exhibition

  4. Global MICE Industry • According to UIA ( Union of International Association) : In 2004; the biggest market was in Europe--56.8% ; second place was Asia--14.9%, and third place was U.S--13.9%. 60 % of international conferences were held in Europe, and 18% in Asia. The total output value was about 150 billion U.S dollars. 57.5 % of international exhibitions were held in Europe, and 21.2% in Asia. The total output value was about 760 billion U.S dollars. Growth rate of MICE industry in Asia is twice that of Europe

  5. MICEIndustry in Asia • Korea, Macao : Casino • Singapore : Integrated city mode (exhibition hall, conference center, and tourist hotels, latest construction in casino business) • Thailand : Combined recreation mode

  6. The scale of the market is small Conventional industries are off-shoring Mainland China constitutes menace to Taiwan’s IT Industry Lack of global version Hardware and software facilities are outdated Lack of an objective and authoritative government agency  supra-ministerial jurisdiction Limited experience in organizing for mega events The MICE Industry in Taiwan

  7. Industrial Context • Manufacturing Industry  Service Industry • Export Trade  Import Trade • Manufacture  Research and Development

  8. The Prospect of MICE Industry • Promote the synergy of the whole industry • Expand the scale of MICE • Adopt the Blue Ocean strategy • Integrate government resources • Provisions to encourage buyers • Combination of culture, tourism and Mice together • Regional design of the venue

  9. The Role of TAITRA Taiwan External Trade Development Council 中華民國對外貿易發展協會 In Taiwan, this is the only NBA team in MICE industry. Critics say TAITRA should: • Be a consultant, a coordinator, not a competitor. • Share resources with other private enterprises • Construct a new and creative MICE environment

  10. The Role of Taiwan Government 2009 is a year of “MICE expansion” Critics suggest: combine governmental resources and private enterprises to make Taiwan a potential player in MICE industry. • Create more rational distribution of resources • Avoid holding similar exhibitions in the same time • Reduce the limitation of subvention and rewards

  11. Lisa 廖翎 Nangang Exhibition Hall’s Current Situation and Future

  12. Feature • export-oriented exhibition center, platform for large-scaled trade show of domestic market, channel for import trade show • 60,000 square meters of show space; 6 exhibition halls, 2,467 booths, and 8 VIP rooms • Other facilities: public areas, function rooms, shops, restaurants and public art design Public art design Taipei Grand Hyatt restaurants

  13. Rates of development • 2005 March~ Construction • 2008 March Opening • 2008~2009 Development (24% utility rate) • 2010~2011 Expansion (31% utility rate) • 2012~2017 Stable growth (Over 45% utility rate)

  14. Recent Trade shows • 2008-Taipei International Cycle Show (2008台北國際自行車展) • 2009-Taipei International Machine Tool Show TIMTOS 2009 (2009 台北國際工具機展) 2008 Taipei International Cycle Show 2009 Taipei International Machine Tool Show

  15. Developing opportunities and threats

  16. Exhibition in Germany • Economic contribution • Promote the service industry • Promotion of trade itself • Placing orders through exhibitions • Companies that rely on exhibition Ex : the Berlin aviation exhibition → long-distance transportation

  17. Promote the City Image – • Benefit the local tourist industry • Helpful in creating city image • Exhibition companies can gain fame • Germany is the kingdom of exhibition • Having ten indoor exhibition centers with more that 10 million square meters in space • Being the platform for 200 thousand exhibitors • Over ten thousand conferences per year

  18. Secret to Germany’s success • 56000 enterprises participate in exhibitions • centrally located • reputation of manufacturing industry in Germany • Future trends in exhibition • The exhibition industry is concentrating • Competition for foreign exhibition market and clients is keen

  19. Provide attentive service and advice for exhibitors • Cooperation between exhibition companies • Environmental protection oriented

  20. Credit is the point in MICE-city City image connected to its noted exposition (Hannover Messe, Bauma, etc) China’s lesson from Germany

  21. Ways to credit • Government - Establish system for accreditation to both organizer & attendee eg. Themed EXPO. • Organizer - Assessment of attending fair for manufacturers eg. Systematic consultation “International”

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