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Vontoo. Say It. Send It. Track it . Courtney Vinson ITMG 100 Section 08 November 18, 2008. What is Vontoo?. Vontoo is the first permission based, automated voice messaging system. They provide a personalized and effective way for companies to communicate and stay

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  1. Vontoo Say It. Send It. Track it. Courtney Vinson ITMG 100 Section 08 November 18, 2008

  2. What is Vontoo? Vontoo is the first permission based, automated voice messaging system. They provide a personalized and effective way for companies to communicate and stay connected with their clients, partners, and fans.

  3. Products • Vontoo offers 3 voice messaging solutions that are specifically customized to the unique needs of their customers: • Vontoo Express • Vontoo Professional • Vontoo Embedded

  4. VontooExpress • Offers a basic set of features perfect for small businesses or businesses just starting with voice messaging • Designed for smaller scale projects or campaigns that don’t require sophisticated features

  5. Vontoo Express Continued • Perfect for: • community sports teams and clubs • small to medium sized churches and other small businesses

  6. Vontoo Express Continued • Pricing Plan of Vontoo Express:

  7. Vontoo Professional • developed to meet the demands of corporate enterprises, experienced marketers, and other transaction-based, voice communication programs • ideal for organizations looking to take the next step in synthesized voice communication

  8. Vontoo Professional Continued • offers businesses a simple and unique way to: • drive additional revenues • decrease expenses • increase operational efficiencies

  9. Vontoo Professional Continued • intended for organizations looking to compliment their existing marketing and communication campaigns and assists organizations in: • strengthening brands • improving customer service • communicating much more effectively • maximizing their return on profit

  10. Vontoo Professional Continued • Vontoo Professional is perfect for: • medium to large size businesses • retailers • financial institutions • sports franchises • political organizations • governmental organizations

  11. Embedded Vontoo • most developed of Vontoo’s products • offers easy combination capabilities through Vontoo’s web services API • allows customers to customize and incorporate Vontoo into their own existing applications simply by exposing their application programming interface, or API

  12. API • API refers to the application programming interface • a set of functions, procedures, methods, classes, or protocols that an operating system, library or service provides to support requests made by a computer

  13. Embedded Vontoo Continued • Embedded Vontoo has empowered a new generation of developers and software providers to build applications that use the Vontoo platform to explore the enormous potential of voice messages

  14. Embedded Vontoo Continued • Embedded Vontoo is perfect for: • software providers who want to incorporate voice alerts into their product offering • companies who wish to activate automated notification alerts

  15. Voice Communication Solutions • Vontoo’s solutions are perfect for organizations in a wide variety of industries that are looking to accomplish such things as: • extending marketing campaigns • sending notifications and alerts • automating transaction-based communication

  16. Voice Communication SolutionsMarketing and Communication • Vontoo is a fantastic way to maximize the company’s marketing and communications budget • Many nonprofit organizations use Vontoo’s products to raise support for their respective causes • Voice messages are a great way to communicate with members of local clubs and organizations in one, single and easy step

  17. Voice Communication SolutionsMarketing and Communication • Smaller companies use the products to announce store openings and promotions to the public • Larger companies, who are focused on greater tasks, find that Vontoo is an amazing and creative tool to effectively market new products • replaces their existing marketing campaigns with the more powerful and personalized human voice

  18. Voice Communication SolutionsMarketing and Communication • Examples of how Vontoo has made keeping connected to audiences easy for many companies: • sports team organizations using Vontoo to increase ticket sales and attendance • a way for celebrities or movie stars to reach out to their fans and deliver a special message

  19. Voice Communication SolutionsNotifications and Alerts • Vontoo’s products can also benefit companies that rely heavily on notifying or alerting their clients on a frequent and regular basis • Never have to wonder whether your alert or notification was received • Vontoo makes it possible for companies to send prompt and relevant information to clients and subscribers; all by telephone

  20. Voice Communication SolutionsNotifications and Alerts • Examples of how various companies have utilized this aspect of Vontoo products: • companies communicating time sensitive information to clients, such as cancellations, last minute schedule changes, account balances, or limited time offers • customized messages such as weather reports or reminders about delivery and appointment times

  21. Voice Communication SolutionsAutomated Transactions • Companies that already have existing applications can benefit from Vontoo as well • It is extremely simple for software companies, independent developers, or smart corporations to integrate the power of Vontoo into their own, existing applications

  22. Voice Communication SolutionsAutomated Transactions • Companies can easily: • integrate voice communications into any existing software application • create and deliver voice messaged based on customer interactions • use the pre-packaged, web service-driven functionality to expand company offerings

  23. What are some other benefits of Vontoo? http://www.allbusiness.com/marketing advertising/direct-marketing-telemarketing/4967925-1.html

  24. Customer Success Case StudiesDierks Bentley Album Release • Dierks Bentley wanted to promote his new album • on the date of his new album release, 15,000 of his fans received personalized phone calls to remind them about the release • Dierks’s album reached #1 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and#5 across all music genres

  25. Customer Success Case StudiesNBA- Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies • Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies enlisted the help of Vontoo to reach out to season ticket holders and increase ticket sales • Professional basketball player, Delonte West (of the Boston Celtics) recorded a personalized voice message that encouraged season ticket holders to renew their season tickets

  26. Customer Success Case Studies NBA- Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies • The club recorded that their sales after the initial voice message went out were nearly double over business done in the same day the previous year • The Memphis Grizzlies had similar success, receiving more than $30,000 in sales after only one round of calls

  27. Customer Success Case StudiesUniversity Communication: Boston College • Boston College had only two weeks to sell tickets for the big ACC title game and chose to use Vontoo over sending postcards • 115,000 season ticket holders and alumni received a voice message from the team’s all star quarterback, Matt Ryan • Over 4,000 tickets were sold after the messages were sent

  28. See How Vontoo Works http://www.vontoo.com/sample-message.shtml

  29. Conclusion “When it comes to communication, nothing can compare to the power, excitement and authenticity of the human voice.” –Bob Compton, co-founder of Vontoo, Inc.

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