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  1. Printer

  2. Directory • Printer development history • Printer types • Printer principle introduced with the advantages and disadvantages • Conclusion • References

  3. Printer development history Chinese Song Dynasty in the eleventh century by the Bi Sheng invented letterpress printing (for the wet printing), the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, before entering the early stages of copying technology.    Mid-twentieth century, was only invented a dry printing; 1970s, printing technology improved, more mature paper technology, the more stable print quality, only gradually open the market. 1959 HE Roy. Xerox released the first Xerox 914 copier called on the World Expo, which is the first commercial copiers,

  4. Printer types 1.Dot-matrix Printer 2.Ink-Jet Printer 3.Laser Printer 4.Solid Ink Printer 5.Thermal Wax-Transfer Printer 6.Dye Sublimation Printer

  5. Printer principle introduced 1.Dot-matrix Printer Dot matrix printers are impact printer (Impact Printer).   The principle is printed ribbon through the impact dot matrix print head inside the firing pin, and the ink printed on paper,    Produce print results.  Dot matrix printers are printed graphics by different firing pin arrangement, also printed in the text.    The more quality the better striker print.

  6. Advantages: low prices, supplies cheaper to print continuous forms, can be replicated to print. Disadvantages:noisy, poor print quality, and you can not print color images, so the current Few people have been using.

  7. 2.Ink-Jet Printer And dot matrix printing principle is almost the same there is a print head, but the striker replaced the ink nozzles, replace the ink ribbon cassette.    When printing directly from the nozzle heating or pressurized spray ink onto the paper, so it will not impact matrix little noise problem.

  8. Advantages: low price, low noise, excellent print quality and color printing is quite convenient. Disadvantages: Paper material is not good, the ink is easy to blur, high cost of ink and paper supplies, document printing easier to blur water

  9. 3.Laser Printer Principle: laser printer is the most important element is the drum that organic image transmission mechanism, the entire printing process is to drum as the center of the action again and again. The whole process work monochrome laser printer can be said charging → exposure → imaging → Steering → Fixing → turn like fusing → ​​Clear In addition to the seven steps like loops.

  10. Step one: Print command issued after the user in the application, the entire process is then laser printing prologue from "charging" the action commenced, the first on the drum filled with negative or positive charge Step Two: The printer then good image processor data processing through the laser beam onto a photosensitive drum, in the corresponding position on the formation of "exposure."

  11. Step 3: Then due toner drum of the same nature with the same charge, this time when rapid rotation of the drum through the toner cartridge, the site will be exposed adsorption charged toner, "Imaging" of the image. Step Four: After entering the inside of the machine with paper and toner opposite positive or negative charge due to the reason that opposites attract, so they can make the toner on the drum 'turn as "to the paper.

  12. Step Five: In order to be attached to the paper, the toner tighter good, then the heater temperature and pressure of the way places, the toner "fixed" in the paper. This is why each paper has just print out the reasons for the higher temperatures. Step Six: Then the residual toner on the photosensitive drum "clear." Step 7: The last action is "except as" that is, to remove static electricity, so that the surface potential of the photosensitive drum to return to the initial state in order to start the next loop action.

  13. Laser system diagram Advantages: : fast print speed, good quality. Diaadvantages: : expensive. Commonly used in schools, printing, businesses are using.

  14. 4.Solid Ink Printer Also called solid ink printer, the print principle is printed before heating the solid pigment into liquid, then sprayed through nozzles onto the paper, and then solidified on paper.

  15. Advantages: less likely than inkjet printer paper pick from photocopy paper to use thicker snow mold copper paper can be also be printed directly onto the slide. And the ink is solid condition usually does not get dirty. Disadvantages: the price is not cheap. Applies to high-end color graphics output, such as commercial design, printing and export centers.

  16. 5.Thermal Wax-Transfer Printer With spray wax printers of the same class color printer, print the principle is the liquid wax is heated, so that adheres to the paper or transparencies. Because it is a direct imprint on the wax paper, unlike solid ink is ejected through the nozzle, so the print on transparencies clearer. Printing costs and application areas of both the same.

  17. 6.Dye Sublimation Printer Print principle: heat of vaporization of the ink on the ribbon (also known as sublimation), so that the dye attached to a gaseous state special paper (like paper) on. Print image is the sharpest color printing mode, the effect of encroaching photos. Ribbon roll Print heat Vaporized dye

  18. Advantages: High-quality output, usually available thermal transfer print output, and then use high-quality dye-sublimation to print when needed. Disadvants:expensive supplies, the slowest.

  19. Conclusion Development of the printer is very fast, while not yet universal, the most common way to transfer no more than handwriting, typing, etc., it is very time consuming and cumbersome. Since the widespread use of computers, printers, because it can rapidly produce a large number of text, graphics, etc., so the business community to become an integral part of the device.      Over the past decade, laser printers and inkjet printers are the most appeal,

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  21. The End Thank you for your attention