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# smm #Clientes #fans #compartir #ESCUCHAR #personas

# smm #Clientes #fans #compartir #ESCUCHAR #personas. 0. FIRST oF ALL… LET US INTRODUCE OURSELVES. TILO MOTION. FUEL YOUR BUSINESS. CUSTOMERS WHO LOVE US. 1. revolution 2.0 A new society FOR the 21 st century.

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# smm #Clientes #fans #compartir #ESCUCHAR #personas

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  1. #smm#Clientes #fans #compartir #ESCUCHAR #personas




  5. 1 revolution 2.0 A new society FOR the 21stcentury

  6. Internet and social media are changing the world, in our opinion, for the better. • It affects to all areas: #education #science #Policy #Companies… technology accelerates this change, empowers people and helps them to reward the efforts and merits of each one. • We are not the first to say it, nor won’t be the last.


  8. In this social change, businesses have the power to influence our lives in several ways. At anytime everybody can be a citizen, customer, worker, partner… That’s why the new business need to be focused on the human being, on his workers and customers, they must be collaborative and people-oriented.

  9. 3 We want to help you with this change

  10. We’ve lived in the 2.0 world for a long time, first as users and then as marketing professionals… … and we are ready to help businesses with this change, we can adapt ourselves to each challenge by watching, listening and learning day by day, and later show, transmit and teach you. We get into your organization in order to understand it and know your challenges and concerns by talking the same language.


  12. 1960. Product – Price – Place – Promotion Today. People – Product – Sales – Service -Engagement “ENGAGEMENT”: Be able to create positive emotional links between customers, non-customers and our brand or product,getting the triangle: “brand – product - people”

  13. Work to create “ENGAGEMENT” means to work in several activities like PR, content, community management, CRM, advertisement… but advertisement that matters, advertisement that means information, fun and empathy. Obviously, “ENGAGEMENT” means innovation. Innovation given by a engaged community and customers that helps to the businesses, in an interested or disinterested way, to find new “Pole stars”.

  14. Our aim is create emotional links, starting in social networks and continuing in the stores or with the product/device. A worldof human-centered- organizations whereproduct, sales, service and engagementput peoplefirst Social Customer#engagement

  15. 5 Strategy: How DO we organize ourselves?

  16. COYOTE: THE FIRST DRIVING ASSISTANT By the increase of traffic and the stress of driving, to comply with the regulation of automotive laws has become a priority. Noting the lack of information systems capable of satisfy the demands of drivers, Coyote Systems has created an ideal system to meet their needs. Coyote’s four main principles: • Community • Real-time warnings • Transparency • Ease of use

  17. Whereare wenow? AND… Where do we want to go?

  18. 1 MAIN TARGET: • connect with customers and potential customers in a positive way to create… • #engagement

  19. OUR TOOLS & OURMISSION WEB & BLOGGING Having own quality content, attractive and updated, is critical to get conversions. HOW WE DO IT: • WEB: Regular updating of content with simple messages and with a creative communication approach that respects Coyote’s branding guidelines. • WEB: To optimize user navigation on the web and develop a structure strategy to ease the navigation to the user and find what WE want = Conversion intoSales. • BLOG: Content updated periodically that gives value to the brand and helps to locate it on the internet. • BLOG: Quality content oriented to communicate and generate engagement with Coyote’s target. SOCIAL MEDIA Being in social media for a company is not only having a profile and generate content, but create value and transform that value in business: #SocialMediaBusiness HOW WE DO IT: • Technical and creative team specializing in Social Media Business, with clear and specific goals. • Strategy of quality content that follows the branding guidelines of Coyote and bring interest to the user. • Activation campaigns to present products and promotions in a participative and viral way. • We measure EVERYTHING: concrete metrics to each of the actions that allow us to evolve and enhance the development of our business in social networks. SEO & SEM Create visibility for strategic search keywordsthat allows us to get closer to the user and let them to know us. HOW WE DO IT: • We define Tactical Search Keywords that allow Coyote to position itself and reach its target customers. • Objectives and regular monitoring that allow us to improve the positioning and to grow in the short-term. • Analytical and evolution of each word. Searches from users + Navigation + conversions. Independent strategy for mobile & desktop searches. • Our team is certified by Google and Bing. E-MAIL MARKETING We seek for profitable e-mailings, where the challenge is to transform the maximum number of contacts in customers, and to obtain their loyalty. HOW WE DO IT: • Quality E-mailing campaigns that give results by optimizing their deliverability. • Filtering and segmentation of the database based on the personal characteristics and preferences of each user. • E-mailing optimized for desktop and mobile customers. • Accurate metrics that allow us to analyze in detail the characteristics of each user and thus refine and improve the database.

  20. CONTENT MARKETING Generate quality content for both the website and the blog, aimed toimproving the visibility of Coyote on internet, and strengthen its brand concept. With this content strategy we can improve significantly the brand positioning in internet of Coyote, and it’s perfectly compatible with other actions in social networks, SEO / SEM and e-mail marketing. VITALITY: we’ll create between 1 and 2 posts for the blog weekly, and develop periodic changes in the web. We also propose to improve the user experience both on the web and on the internet when looking for information about Coyote and reaching to its products/services.

  21. COYOTE IN THE SOCIAL MEDIA According to the profile and target of Coyote’s potential customers, we have realized a study to measure the presence of Coyote in social networks, and which of them are the most appropriate to direct the communication. Coyote will be present on the following networks:

  22. COYOTE ON FACEBOOK Facebook is seen as the main social network in which Coyote will have a presence. This means that regardless of whether there are other social networks with parallel strategies, all must have their reference in the Facebook profile. • Vitality: 1-2 post published daily, from Monday to Friday. • Branding: All pictures and post in the profile will meet the branding defined in Coyote’s brand book. • Communication: There will be an intensive communication with users, responding to any questions or comments, aimed to generate empathy and engagement.

  23. COYOTE ON FACEBOOK Facebook APPs: Coyote’s profile on Facebook will have a set of apps focused on giving more content to the users, capture information from the followers and make the profile go viral. The applications that will have Coyote’s profile in the launching period are: • APPs Social Media: Twitter and YouTube. • APP-Landing What is Coyote? • APP-Landing Services or Products (contact form) • APP Events (“Coyote’s World”).

  24. COYOTE ON TWITTER The second most relevant social network in Coyote’s strategy is Twitter, due to its users’ profile, their interactivity and the great support that can mean for communicating Coyote’s campaigns. The strategy on Twitter, due to the idiosyncrasies of this network and its user routines must be different, but always in line with the overall strategy of Coyote’s Social Media Plan. Vitality: An average of 4 to 6 Tweets will be posted daily. From Monday to Friday. Branding: All pictures and post in the profile will meet the branding defined in the Coyote’s brand book. Communication: There will be an intensive communication with users, responding to any questions or comments, aimed to generate empathy and engagement.

  25. COYOTE ON GOOGLE+ Google+ has a different target within the communication strategy of Coyote. Google+ is a network that gets less traffic and interactions with users, but as a positive and noteworthy point it significantly improves the SEO or natural positioning of the brand in search results. For this reason we propose the creation of the social profile of Coyote on Google+, replicating Facebook content and optimizing it to improve the positioning of the brand on the Internet. Vitality: 1-2 post published daily. From Monday to Friday. Branding: All pictures and post will comply with Coyote’s guidelines. Communication: Intensive communication with users, responding to any questions or comments, aimed to generate empathy and engagement.

  26. COYOTE ON YOUTUBE The “personality” that has a profile on YouTube is not comparable to what other social networks have, so "or you have it and work for it or you do not." We follow a strategy of Video Marketing to share content on a regular basis (at least 1 or 2 videos per month) and making them viral, which can multiply significantly the results of other networks. But on the contrary, if no content is generated, the profile on YouTube it will do little. Vitality: 1 to 2 monthly videos will be published. All the content will be given by Coyote Spain’s team. It’s not contemplated in this estimate the production or editing of any video. Branding: All the videos included in the profile will meet the branding defined in Coyote’s Brand Book. Communication: There will be an intensive communication with users, attending any review, aimed to generate empathy and engagement.

  27. SEO & SEM: A GREAT COMBINATION SEO: be found in the right moment We have a DEEP knowledge of web design & coding, how search engine works and how to make our websites to be found on tactical searches. HOW WE DO IT: • Analyse Coyote’s business deeply. • Study how is the website created and its actual situation in search engines. • Make a plan which contains modifications ON site and OFF site (backlink generation, reputation monitoring…) • Develop a weekly maintenance plan, performing continuous modifications and adjustments. SEM: much more than media buying Some agencies manage SEM as an “standard media”, like TV, or radio. We know that SEM requires much more than this to give its best results. HOW WE DO IT: • Analyse Coyote’s online business deeply. • Prepare an strategy which uses more elements than just de SEM itself (landing pages, apps, banners…) with a main idea: generate conversions. • Our marketing assistants, CERTIFIED BY GOOGLE & BING, create the SEM campaign with all these elements. • Develop a weekly maintenance plan, performing continuous modifications and adjustments. WE ARE A CERTIFIED PARTNER OF

  28. E-MAILMARKETING To give continuity to the communication in social networks and other formats of Coyote we plan an E-mail Marketing strategy focused in contacting regularly with the most demanding users, VIP, or the ones who want to be active and very aware of everything that has to do with Coyote. VITALITY: we’ll send at least 1 mailing per month, also being able to send 1 additional promotional mailing within the same month.

  29. #Control #Teamwork #tracking • Quarterly plan:Each three months we define a general plan with all the team, where we analyse the actions taken during the previous term, proposing the actions for the next three months. • Monthly monitoring: In a monthly basis we propose the month-objectives and the actions that has been taken from the quarterly plan. Due to the constantly evolution of internet each part can propose changes on the initial strategy. • “Coffee Time”:During the month ,we can arrange meetings in person, by Skype or by email just to remember or comment the actions of that period.

  30. 6 Our work: almost all that we do

  31. SOCIAL CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Keeping a healthy community, we can make our followers to easily become leads or customers, bringing them engaging experiences, support, games…



  34. 7 PRICES

  35. PRICES Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & YouTube*: €1050/month • Profile creation & launching, content creation & viralization, according to the strategy. • Maintaining of the profiles & customer support in the social networks. • Integration & development of the proposed APPs • The Development of Facebook applications has a maintenance fee of €1500/year * YouTube = video creation is not included, all the media content will be provided by Coyote Spain’s team. Web & Blogging Coyote: €950/month • Blog development. • Content generation: 1-2 posts/week. • Optimization of the content for search engine positioning (SEO) • Viralization of the content on social networks and other communication channels

  36. PRICES E-Mail Marketing: Certificated server to host mailing’s database with license and delivery platform. 75.001-100.000 users €750/month • Mailing Campaign Management and CRM. • Filtering & database protection • Monitoring and data mining of the database • Creation of the designs for the mailing • HTML coding and preparation. • Testing and Campaign Reporting. 1 monthly campaign + 1 product/event activation campaign (24 campaigns per year) €480/month

  37. PRICES SEO monitoring & optimization: €500/month - Optimization of keywords - Improvement of popularity, SEO management- Linkbuilding- Keyword tracking two times a monthSEM Campaign Management: agency fee -10% of the amount paid to Google/Bing. - Management of online campaigns - SEM campaigns - Creation of objectives - Google’s Display Network management.- Daily monitoring of the campaign - Optimization of keywords - Strategy and positioning advice created by a Google & Bing Certified Partner

  38. 8 QUESTIONS?

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