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Travelling. My favourite means of transport.

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  1. Travelling

  2. My favouritemeansof transport • My favouritemeansof transport is a car. I likeitbecauseit´sverypractical and comfortable. I don´thave to knowthetimewhenitarrivesatour stop like a bus. I can just get on and set off. Therearen´t a lotofotherpeople and I knowthatIwillbealwayssittingthere. I hopethatonceIwillhave my owncar and I willbe a gooddriver.

  3. Meansof transport I´dlike to try • I wouldlike to trytravelling by a plane, a helicopter, a submarine, a balloon, a camel and theother. Butthe most I wouldlike to trytravelling by a cruiseship. I alwayshavedreamedaboutit. About a big shipwitheverything I want and thinkabout. Therewouldbe a lotofpeople to know. A voyage in theCaribbeanseafor a longtimesoundsfantastic.

  4. CountriesI´vevisited so far • I havevisitedonlybordercountriesof Slovakia. When I wassmallgirlItravelled to CzechRepublic by a car. I went to Poland by thecartoo. Lastsummer I travelled to Hungary by a coach. And threeyearsago I travelled to Croatia by the coach too. I haven´tvisitedmanycountriesbutIhopeIwilltravelledaroundtheworld in thefuture. I want to visiteveryplace in theworld.

  5. The country I´dlike to visit • The country I wouldlike to visitis AUSTRALIA. It´sbeen my dreamed country foryears. When I wasyoungerIwanted to gotherebecause I knewthatAustralianpeople are our „protinožci“. I wasinterested in it. Now I reallywant to see a kangaroo and a koala in thenature. TheGreatBarrierReef and theothergreatplaces in thisgreat country. Ifitwas so simple I wouldgo and staythereforever.

  6. TheplacesI´dlike to visitthere • I want to visiteveryplace in Australia. Certainlyif I gothereIwillvisitbeautifulbeaches on theGoldCoast, whereI´llbeable to surfing. I want to visittheGreatBarrierReef and try to dive there. ThenI´dlike to walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and climb on it, it´spossible. I alsowant to gotothe Sydney Opera House, it has become a symbol ofAustralia. I hopethatonceI´llvisitthisamazing country.

  7. Thankyouforattention Klaudia Kozmová 2.A

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