the teen outreach program and its youth development approach n.
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The Teen Outreach Program and Its Youth Development Approach PowerPoint Presentation
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The Teen Outreach Program and Its Youth Development Approach

The Teen Outreach Program and Its Youth Development Approach

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The Teen Outreach Program and Its Youth Development Approach

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  1. The Teen Outreach Program and Its Youth Development Approach Susan PhilliberAugust, 2004 16 Main Street Accord, NY 12404 845-626-2126 Fax 845-626-3206

  2. What is Teen Outreach? A program for young people aged 12 to 17, based on the principles of youth development – It seeks to prevent problem behaviors by providing supports for healthy development.

  3. The Teen Outreach Strategies • Structured, supervised volunteer service. • Linking of volunteer work to group discussion. • A curriculum focused on adolescent development.

  4. Teen Outreach Strategies • A curriculum that is facilitated, rather than taught. • Establishing a trusted environment.

  5. The Curriculum Changing Scenes is a step-by-step guide for adults to facilitate group discussion. The curriculum emphasizes activity and hands-on learning. It includes sexuality education material.

  6. The Curriculum Comes in age-appropriate versions. Is available in Spanish.

  7. The Outcomes of Teen Outreach A random-assignment study of classrooms. Those enrolled in Teen Outreach had less than half the risk of pregnancy, course failure and suspension from school, net of background differences.

  8. The Outcomes of Teen Outreach This program is one of fewer than half a dozen programs in the U.S., evaluated with a random assignment design, showing significant reductions in pregnancy.

  9. With Whom Does it Work Best? With older students, ethnic minorities, those previously suspended. With those most at risk – e.g. those who had already had a birth were one-fifth as likely to have another pregnancy as those not in the program.

  10. How Are These Outcomes Achieved? Volunteer work MUST be included. Volunteer work must be perceived by young people as MEANINGFUL. Students should have a CHOICE of volunteer assignments.

  11. How Are These Outcomes Achieved? Students should perceive that they do most of the talking. Students should perceive that the Teen Outreach group was safe and trustworthy.

  12. What Other Developmental Needs are Addressed? Engagement with school. The development of autonomy. A healthy relationship with a responsible adult.

  13. Notice that - The program does not focus very directly on the behaviors it tries to prevent. Students often emerge unaware of the purposes of Teen Outreach, other than that it is to help them with their problems.

  14. For more information on Teen Outreach, contact: Gayle Waden The Cornerstone Consulting Group, Inc. Houston, TX 713 627 2322