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  1. WELCOMETO Your zeal makes you high Our zeal makes you strong ZEAL GLOBE TECHNOLOGIES

  2. INTRODUCTION • Zeal Globe Technologies isa Global software solutions provider and systems integrator, integrating software systems and developing custom applications, Mobile application development. • Our Company integrates software systems components, and frameworks on the Microsoft platform for IT departments, application services providers and independent software vendor. • Business information technology (IT) services consisting application development and maintenance, independent validation services, infrastructure management, engineering services comprising product engineering and life cycle solutions and business process management.

  3. Company profile and Product • Zeal Globe Technologies is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. • Our Company have Eight plus year experienced employees in Microsoft technologies. Like WindowsAzure, Web Technologies, Share Point, Mobile Applications using Android • Employees are experienced in Java and J2EE Technologies. Web Designing using new technologies. • In our company Five year of experience employee in Tally Accounting and TDL Development. We have the project in School Module and College Module et… • Product Development • Intranet Solutions • Business Intelligence • Tally Product • Web Development • Mobile Application Development • User Experience

  4. Technology Focus . Net and Windows Azure Java and J2EE Mobile Applications Tally package Tally Implementation Web Designing


  6. Write to all your contacts from the past with all your needs

  7. Always go back to people who disqualified you in a bidding round for some business you were competing for and update them on what is new and different at your end

  8. Periodically attend learning conferences and network with speakers and attendees

  9. Locate mutual opportunities with similarly situated, similarly sized company

  10. Build a relationship with a few academic and research institutions, do some exploratory work with them, involve them with internal projects and events

  11. Keep your banker periodically posted on what you do, ask him for leads

  12. Call on our larger competitor’s installed client base in person – do not just push our products and services, ask if there is anything else we could do for them given our capability and willingness. Ask for a small opportunity, a pilot project

  13. Write generic articles for the business press aligned to your area of work, Build a prototype, actually keep building them all your life

  14. Seek alliances with industry leaders-these are typically product and service companies that always need new partners to make their sale happen. Have someone exclusively focus on alliance building. Seek low-cost, co-branding opportunities for events along with them

  15. Regularly seek out industry analysts, brief them on your work, get some of them to visit you. They love tracking upcoming companies, so seek out a few analysts and personally focus on them over time

  16. Have a great website with search optimization done so that website-generated leads can come in

  17. When hiring senior people, seek business leads. Be careful about their non-compete agreements with previous employers and do not get them to violate other people’s intellectual property in the process When hiring senior people, seek business leads. Be careful about their non-compete agreements with previous employers and do not get them to violate other people’s intellectual property in the process

  18. Speak to the person seated next to you-in an airplane, a business lounge, a dentist’s waiting area or an industry even and ask him what he does

  19. Make cold calls, accompany our sales folks often and without being tired

  20. Thank You ! Please visit our website at Contact +91 9710006801 +91 9841740006 +91 9710006138