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Narrative Text

Narrative Text

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Narrative Text

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  1. Narrative Text

  2. Purpose • to entertain • to gain and hold a readers' interest • to teach or inform • to change attitudes / social opinions

  3. fairy stories Mysteries science fiction Romances horror stories adventure stories Fables myths and legends historical narratives Ballads slice of life personal experience Types of Narratives

  4. How do we recognize it? • What are the features or characteristics of a narrative text? • Story Structure (Complication/Resolution) • Characters • Theme (moral) • Description of characters and settings • Dialogue • Usually 3rd Person, Past Tense

  5. Story Structure Witch’s Hat Climax Problems and complications come to a peak as the ultimate problem is faced. Rising Action Complications arise to build suspense. Resolution Often shows impact of outcome on character’s lives or situations. Conflict The problem, conflict or challenge in the story is introduced Introduction Characters, settings and situation is introduced.

  6. Power of Words Impact of Actions Vanity as a downfall Injustice Friendship Sharing Tough decisions Common ‘Themes’

  7. Responsible High-Achieving Even-tempered Outgoing Loyal Thoughtful Mischievous Sensitive Humourous Hard-Working Bossy Intimidating Impatient Irresponsible Picky Introverted Spoiled Fickle Demanding Lazy Character Traits

  8. Pair/Group Tasks: 1. Complete a story graph based on ‘Mud Puddle’. 2. What are two words that best describe Jule Ann’s character? Use examples from the story to support your answer. • What is the theme of ‘Mud Puddle’. How do you know? Use examples from the text to support your answer. • Why do you think the Mud Puddle kept attacking Jule Ann? • How might Mud Puddle have felt when Jule Ann out-smarted him?

  9. Possible ‘Character’ answer… • Two words that best describe Jule Ann’s character are clever and tenacious. First, tenacious is a good adjective for Jule Ann, because she continues to search for a solution to her problem, even when the obvious solutions don’t work; she continues to face the mud puddle until she can make him go away. Secondly, clever describes Jule Ann because even though she is only a young girl, she is able to outsmart the bully in her life by thinking about her problem in a different way.

  10. Possible ‘theme’ answer… • One of the themes in ‘Mud Puddle’ is the idea that strength and size aren’t needed to outsmart a bully. In the story, Jule Ann is a young girl who ‘beats’ her competitor, the tough Mud Puddle, not with mean words or great acts of physical strength; she simply overcomes him by threatening the one item that could undo his powers: soap!

  11. Independent Tasks: 1. Complete a story graph based on ‘Paper Bag Princess’. • Choose one word that best describes each of the following characters. For each character trait, use an example from the story to support your opinion. • Elizabeth • Roland • The Dragon • What is the theme of ‘Paper Bag Princess’? How do you know? Use examples from the text to support your answer.

  12. Independent Tasks 1. What is the ‘Theme’ of this story? 2. What are two adjectives that describe each of the two main characters in the story? Use examples from the text to support your opinion. 3. Choose either Tommy or Mr. Peabody, and write a journal entry about this incident from that character’s perspective. Remember to write in the 1st person, as though you were the character. Your journal entry should explain how you are feeling about the situation, how you would change something you did, and what you hope for your future.